Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rotom Bike Guide

A guide on the rotom bike in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including how to obtain, use, and upgrade it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rotom Bike Guide

Rotom Bike

The Rotom bike is a key item that lets you move faster as you journey across the Galar region. It is obtained from the doctor on the route 5 bridge leading to Hulbury. Press the + button to ride it.

You can temporarily increase your speed on the Rotom bike by pressing the B button to use turbo mode. Note that the ability will go on cooldown afterward. You can reduce the downtime of turbo mode by upgrading the Rotom bike.


Turbo Mode Cooldown Reduction

By spending watts, you can reduce the cooldown time of the Rotom bike’s turbo mode up to three times. Talk to traders in the wild to upgrade your bike. The first upgrade costs 1,000 watts, the second 3,000 watts, and the third 5,000 watts.

How to Farm Watts

Water Mode

Upon clearing the gym challenge in Circhester, head to route 9 and talk to the doctor who gave you the Rotom bike. He will offer to upgrade your bike with water mode, allowing you to traverse lakes and rivers. Various rare items, including powerful TMs, can only be obtained after you are able to cruise on the water.

All TM Locations

Other Features

Cycling Attire

You can change your cycling attire by talking to the traders in the wild areas. Note that the design of your outfit will change according to your current active pokemon.

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