Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to start a new file

Details on how to start a new file in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, steps, and possible uses.

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Starting a new file might sound counter intuitive to the trainer that has dedicated countless hours to their playthrough. However, some may have access to multiple handhelds which allows them to afford restarting one file to obtain multiple copies of rare Pokemon. Meanwhile, others may revisit their games but are itching to start anew. Here, we show the steps on how to start a new save file.

How to create a new file

1 Go to the System settings: the option with the gear icon, on the Switch’s main menu.
2 Scroll down and look for Data Management.
3 Again, scroll down some more to locate the option “Delete Save Data.”
4 Select the save data of the game you wish to delete.
5 If you made multiple accounts, it will ask you which account to delete, so choose to delete the one you no longer need.
6 Start the game and create a new file.

Possible uses

One trick to making multiple save files is that you can transfer many starters to another copy after obtaining the Y-Comm. When traded, a Pokemon grows faster than normal when trained in a game it was not caught in. It may also come in handy for players who wish to obtain Pokemon from a different language for use in breeding.

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  1. There’s another method as well, though a little less practical, which will keep your other save file intact.

    If you add another user to your switch and then play the game using the user that you created, the game will start again on that user but it keeps your original save as it’s safely stored on your original user! There’s no need to link to a Nintendo account either (Unless if you want to play online)

    1. Go to system settings
    2. Scroll down and select User
    3. Click “Add User”
    4. Click “Create New User”
    5. Choose an icon for the User
    6. Type in a name for the User
    7. Click Ok and later for linking to a Nintendo account
    8. Re-open the game, select the profile that you added and you’re done!