Pokemon Sword and Shield - Max Soup Guide

Overview and guide Pokemon Sword and Shield's Max Soup, a new special dish can unlock Gigantamax forms of Pokemon in The Isle Armor DLC expansion.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Max Soup Guide

Max Soup Explained

The Max Soup is a special dish introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor expansion. It is made of rare ingredients that can only be gather from the isle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Max Soup

Part 13: The Isle of Armor Walkthrough

The dish enables a Pokémon with great hidden potential to Gigantamax in battles. One of the means where you can gather ingredients for the Max Soup is by turning in items tin the Cram-o-Matic.

Cram-o-Matic Guide

Best Pokemon for Max Soup

Maximize the benefits max soup by using them to the following:

1) Galar Region Starter Pokémon

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gigantamax Inteleon

Max Soups can help your initial Galar Starter Pokémon to obtain its Gigantamax form.

Galar Region Starters

2) Pokémon obtained from the Wild Area

You can only access Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth’s Gigantamax forms from special methods or limited-time events. With the help of Max Soup, you can now enable these Pokémon you acquired from the Wild Area to change into their implemented Gigantamax forms in battles.

3) Pokémon used in Ranked Battles

In addition, you can let the Pokémon you use in Ranked Battles to gain access to their Gigantamax forms such as Snorlax and Toxtricity. Using the max soup on your EV-trained Pokémon with perfect IVs will bring out their capabilities to the next level.

4 Pokémon Exclusive to Sword and Shield

Lastly, you can let your version exclusive Pokémon experience the benefits of Max Soup. Especially, when they are used for Ranked Battles such as Lapras and Coalossal.

Version Differences

Feel free to share other Pokémon can benefit from the Max Soup!

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