Pokemon Sword and Shield - Daily Activities

Details on daily activities in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, activites, and list of items.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Daily Activities


Daily activities are tasks that can be done each day in the Galar region.

Wild area

Berry trees

Without a way to plant seeds, trainers need to head out to certain areas to collect berries. Each day, you can repeatedly shake trees to cause berries to fall off. After you stop shaking the tree or get ambushed by a wild Pokemon, the rest of the berries disappear.


Max Raid battles

You will find random dens brimming with wild Pokemon around the wild area. After a day has passed, spawns will reset. In other words, you’ll encounter new Pokemon from the same den when the next day rolls over.

Watt traders

Watt traders offer a selection of TRs which vary each day. However, their inventory will always include wishing pieces.

TR List


Ingredient sellers are aother type of merchant that can be found in the wild area. Their inventory consists of camping ingredients.

Rare items

Bargain Shop

Head to the stall with the Maractus at Stow-on-Side to check on the daily bargain. The vendor has a record of all products including those past and upcoming, so it might be worth the visit. The bargain items and their prices are randomized each day.

Silver Powder Silk Scarf Sharp Beak
Pixie Plate Never-Melt Ice Magnet
Black Glasses Black Belt Twisted Spoon
Spell Tag Ring Target Protective Pads
Poison Barb Mystic Water Miracle Seed
Metronome Focus Band Dragon Fang
Chipped Pot Charcoal Black Sludge
Binding Band Quick Claw Metal Coat
Reaper Cloth Razor Claw Protector
Cracked Pot


Standing next to the bargain shop is the collector. Unlike the bargain vendor, the collector is looking for precious treasures. The collector pays a huge sum of poke dollars compared to regular merchants in the poke mart.

Stow-on-Side Walkthrough

Weather items

Enter the house to the east of Hammerlocke to find a gentleman. He is amused with the weather and often shares useful stories. For your patience, he rewards you with one held item that is tied to the weather. You can revisit his house the next day to get all the items.

Item Effect
Damp Rock When held by a Pokemon, it prolongs the effect of the move Rain Dance.
Heat Rock When held by a Pokemon, it prolongs the effect of the move Sunny Day.
Icy Rock When held by a Pokemon, it prolongs the effect of the move Hail.
Smooth Rock When held by a Pokemon, it prolongs the effect of the move Sandstorm.
Utility Umbrella When held by a Pokemon, it gains immunity to weather effects.

Hammerlocke Walkthrough


Battle Cafe

The Battle cafe serves regional specialties at the cost of battles. Take part in their battle each day to collect one of the food items. Items can range from those with healing effects to ones that can evolve certain Fairy type Pokemon.

Berry Juice Berry Sweet Clover Sweet
Exp. Candy XS Flower Sweet Lava Cookie
Love Sweet Lumiose Galette Rage Candy Bar
Ribbon Sweet Sachet Shalour Sable
Star Sweet Strawberry Sweet Whipped Dream

Pokemon League

Each day you can revisit the Pokemon League to defend your champion title. When you finish the first round of battles, he rewards you with a Wishing piece. After completing the second round, the Ball guy will approach you and give one of the following uncommon items. Do several rounds of battles and you’ll receive brand new items.

Wishing Piece Beast Ball Big Nugget
Dive Ball Dusk Ball Dusk Ball
Fast Ball Flame Orb Friend Ball
Great Ball Heal Ball Heavy Ball
Iron Ball Level Ball Life Orb
Love Ball Lure Ball Luxury Ball
Moon Ball Nest Ball Net Ball
Nugget Poke Ball Quick Ball
Rare Candy Repeat Ball Timer Ball
Toxic Orb Ultra Ball



Visit the Pokemon center to enter the daily lottery. Each day you get a chance to win one of the five prizes depending on your collection of trainer IDs. If all five numbers match, you get the grand prize, a Master ball.

Matching numbers Item
5 Master Ball
4 Rare Candy
3 PP Max
2 PP Up
1 Moomoo Milk

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