Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 6 Stow-on-Side

Walkthrough Part 6 Stow-on-Side for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 6 Stow-on-Side

Walkthrough Part 6

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
League Card (Opal) From Opal at route 6.
Ultra Ball x3 Route 6
Fossilized Dino x2 Route 6
Light Clay Route 6
TM15 Dig Route 6
Rare Bone x2 Route 6
TM30 Steel Wing Route 6
Dusk Stone Behind the pokemon center.
Metal Coat Roof of the house to the east in Stow-on-Side.
TM74 Venoshock Roof of the house to the west in Stow-on-Side.
X Sp. Atk x2 Left of the old man and backpacker talking in Stow-on-Side.
League Card (Bea / Allister) From Opal in Stow-on-Side.
TM06 Fly House on the left just before the road leading to Stow-on-Side stadium.
Cracked Pot On the roof of the house just before the road leading to Stow-on-Side stadium.
TM42 Revenge After clearing Stow-on-Side gym challenge.
Revive x2 From Sonia at the Stone-on-Side mural.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Hippopotas Route 6
Torkoal Route 6
Goldeen Route 6 pond
Dugtrio Route 6
Greedent Route 6
Maractus Route 6


Route 6

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Route 6

1 Leave Hammerlocke stadium and proceed to route 6 by heading west.
2 Proceed along the bridge and watch the cutscene. Battle the Team Yell Grunt A (Lv.29 Stunky, Lv.30 Linoone) and Team Yell Grunt B (Lv.30 Liepard).
3 Watch the cutscene and get the a league card from Opal.
4 Move along and battle Beauty Anita (Lv.29 Clefairy, Lv.30 Clefable).
5 Move west and down to the lower area to get ultra ball x3. Continue west and battle Medical Team Iwan and Evelyn (Lv. 31 Togetic and Lv.31 Pawniard).
6 Go up the ladder and battle Backpacker Diane (Lv.31 Sawk).
7 Climb up the next ladder and pick up fossilized dino x2. Walk to the right of the camper and to get TM15 Dig and head to the leftmost ledge. Go down the ladder to obtain light clay.
8 Drop down to the previous lower area and climb the ladder on the rightmost ledge. Get rare bone x2 near the rocks on the left and Battle Model Nicola (Lv. 30 Skorupi, Lv.30 Pawniard). Head east and go down the ladder.
9 You can shake the tree to get berries and Battle Backpacker Ruth (Lv.31 Throh). Jump down the ledge and get TM30 Steel Wing on the ledge on the left.
10 Backtrack and get up on the ladder again. Move ahead and battle Artist Duncan (Lv.29 Koffing, Lv.31 Sudowoodo).
11 Proceed to Stow-on-Side.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Stow-on-Side

1 Walk to the right of the pokemon center and get a dusk stone behind the building. Head inside the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.
2 Walk along the street. You can buy an item from the shop near the pokemon center for P 3,000. It boosts the power of moves that will be effective against trainers in the next gym challenge.
3 Walk west and go to the back of the house to find a ladder. Go up to the roof to get a metal coat on the northeast section of the roof. Grab TM74 Venoshock on the northwest end. There is a man on the roof that will trade his Hatenna for a Maractus. Since Hatenna is a psychic type pokemon, it will give you an advantage during the next gym challenge (for Pokemon Sword only).
4 Go back down and move towards the stadium. Grab X Sp. Atk x2 to the left of the old man and backpacker.
5 Approach Hop and battle him. He will have a Lv. 29 Cramorant, Lv.30 Silicobra, Lv. 29 Toxel, and his Lv.33 starter pokemon. Take out his Cramorant with an electric type pokemon like Manetric. His Silicobra can be dealt with using water attacks. Send out your starter pokemon when he is down to his own starter.
6 Watch the cutscene and get Bea or Allister’s league card from Opal.
7 Head inside the house on the left and get TM06 Fly from the flying taxi operator.
8 Move along and go up the ladder on the right to get the cracked pot. Walk east and down the series of ledges to quickly get back to the pokemon center. Heal your pokemon before taking on the gym challenge.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Bea

Stone-on-Side’s gym mission in Pokemon Sword is an arcade-like game where you must get to the end of the obstacle course while riding a spinning cup. You will encounter trainers using mostly fighting type pokemon so having flying, psychic, and fairy type pokemon is recommended. Bea, the gym leader, has a Lv.34 Hitmontop, Lv.34 Pangoro, Lv.35 Sirfetch’d, and Lv.36 Machamp. You can easily defeat her if you have Corvisquire in your team.

Bea Gym Challenge (Stow-on-Side) Guide

Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Allister

Stone-on-Side’s gum leader is Allister who uses ghost type pokemon. His team consists of a Lv.34 Galarian Yamask, Lv.34 Mimikyu, Lv.35 Cursola, and a Lv.36 Gengar. It is recommended to use dark, flying, and steel type moves against them.

Allister Gym Challenge (Stow-on-Side) Guide


1 Head to the mural northwest of the stadium.
2 Bede will challenge you to a battle. He has a Lv.32 Duosion, Lv.35 Hattrem, Lv.32 Gothorita, and Lv.33 Galarian Ponyta. Send out Thievul or Obstagoon to make quick work of his psychic pokemon team.
3 Watch the cutscene and get revive x2 from Sonia.
4 Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center and head northeast to Glimwood Tangle.
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