Pokemon Sword and Shield - Useful NPCs and their Locations

Details on useful npcs in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, categories of npcs and facilities, locations, and their functions.


Non playable characters are vital characters that help you fine tune your team or enable you to customize certain features. Some of these include renaming Pokemon, teaching moves, and asking Pokemon to forget moves.

Developing your Pokemon

The facilities below can help develop a player’s Pokemon. Commonly, these useful areas help a player change their Pokemon’s growth and even help them enhance their abilities in general.

Name Location Details
Name Rater Various Pokemon Centers Change the Pokemon’s nickname.
Nursery Route 5 before the bridge to Hulbury, Bridge Field Breeds two Pokemon to create an egg.
Friendship Rater Hammerlocke Rates a Pokemon’s Friendship towards you.

Pokemon Aesthetics

Changing a Pokemon’s appearance can definitely do some wonders. These come in handy when you need to fill a gap in your team composition.

Name Location Details
Rotom Appearance Change Defeat the man in Wyndon to get the Rotom Catalog Changes Rotom’s form.

Battle Facilities

These useful areas focus on boosting a Pokemon’s combative abilities.

Name Location Details
Battle Cafe Hammerlocke – Left section, near the boutique You can only do this once a day. If you win, you’ll earn a free treat.
Battle Frontier Wyndon Battle Tower Players can battle offline with other trainers and exchange the BP they gain for items.

Move Tutors

The Move Tutors are one of the more useful facilities, especially when trying to build a competitive team.

Name Location Details
Move Deleter Various Pokemon Centers Makes Pokemon Forget moves.
Move Reminder Various Pokemon Centers Teaches Pokemon moves even if it’s beyond their level.
Move Tutor (Pledge Moves) Hammerlocke Teaches the first evolution of the starter Pokemon.
Move Tutor (Ultimate Moves) Wyndon Teaches the final evolution of the starter Pokemon. Requires high Friendship.
Move Tutor (Draco Meteor) Circhester Teaches Dragon Pokemon with high friendship ratings the move Draco Meteor.

Move Tutor Locations

Wild Area

Name Location Details
Rotom Rally Various wild areas After obtaining the Rotom bike, players can talk to any of wild area traders to join the Rotom Rally.
Digging Duo Bridge Field wild area By paying 500W, players can ask either of the digging brothers to look for random items.
Camping King East Lake Axewell wild area Changes your tent color for Pokemon Camp. Evaluates the status of your Curry dex.
Ingredients seller Hammerlocke Hills wild area and Rolling Fields wild area Sells camping ingredients.
Watts trader Meetup Spot wild area, Dappled Grove wild area, Giant’s Seat wild area, East Lake Axewell wild area, Bridge Field wild area, Giant’s Cap wild area, Hammerlocke Hills wild area Sells poke balls, wishing pieces, or tms in exchange for watts.

Various Tools

Name Location Details
Roto Loto Various Pokemon Centers Match numbers to earn a reward


Name Location Details
Berry trees Various areas Once a day, players can harvest berries by shaking trees in the wild. You can shake again to get more berries. Sometimes, wild Pokemon will pop out of the tree and nearby Pokemon will steal the berries afterward.

Specialty Shops

Name Location Details
Boutique Various towns Buy clothes and accessories to add to the player’s fashion choices.
Salon Various Areas Change the hairstyle and colour of the player.
Uniform Shop Various gym stadiums Buy a souvenir gym challenge uniform.
Vending Machine Motostoke Macro Cosmos Rail Buy drinks for your Pokemon.
Collector Stow-on-Side Sell rare items to the merchant at a high price.
Bargain Shop Stow-on-Side Buy the bargain of the day.
Incense Shop Hulbury Buy incense to improve pokemon’s moves.
Herbalist’s Shop Hulbury Sells medicine for Pokemon.


Name Location Details
Effort Ribbon First house to the right of Hammerlocke The Pokemon must maximize its effort values in order to get the Effort Ribbon.


Name Location Details
Fitting Room Various Boutiques Players can change their looks in the Fitting Room to check if the design appeals to them.
League Card Maker Various Pokemon centers Customize your Trainer League Card.
Fossil Researcher Route 6 Revives two fossils into a Pokemon.

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