Pokemon Sword and Shield - Digging Duo Item List

A list of obtainable items from the digging duo in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Digging Duo Item List

Digging Duo Items

The digging duo are brothers that can be found in the Bridge Field wild area near the pokemon nursery. They will agree to dig up random items for you for 500 watts.

How to Farm Watts


Each of the brothers has unique characteristics. The one standing on the left can only dig up a few items because of his low stamina but has a better chance of finding rare items. The one on the right can dig up more items since he has more stamina but has a less chance of digging up anything rare.

Note that your game will automatically be saved after paying either of the brothers the digging fee. This means that there is no way to do a save-and-reset exploit until you get the item you want.

Evolution Stones

The digging duo’s services are a good way to obtain evolution stones which are relatively uncommon to find while going through the main story.

Evolution Stones Guide

Possible Items

Left Brother Right Brother
Bottle Cap Damp Rock
Comet Shard Fire Stone
Dawn Stone Float Stone
Dusk Stone Sun Stone
Fire Stone Thunder Stone
Ice Stone Water Stone
Leaf Stone Heat Rock
Moon Stone Icy Rock
Shiny Stone Leaf Stone
Sun Stone Metal Coat
Thunder Stone Rare Bone
Water Stone Smooth Rock
Wishing Piece Star Piece
Fossilized Bird Stardust
Fossilized Dino Fossilized Bird
Fossilized Drake Fossilized Dino
Fossilized Fish Fossilized Drake
Iron Ball Fossilized Fish
Normal Gem Ice Stone
Rare Bone Soft Sand
Sticky Barb Everstone
Metal Coat Sticky Barb
Lagging Tail Shiny Stone
Light Clay Hard Stone

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