Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get Charmander

Details on how to get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and steps.


The fire type lizard, Charmander, is one of the starters in the Kanto region. It can evolve into Charizard, a powerful fire and flying type Pokemon.

Getting Charmander

After completing the main story, head to Hop’s house in Postwick. Go upstairs and turn right to Hop’s room. Read the letter attached to the Pokeball and then press A to pick it up. Inside the pokeball is the fire type Kanto starter, Charmander. The Charmander is not nature locked, which means you can reset until you get one with the nature you want. To top it off, this Charmander gets at least three flawless IVs right off the bat and can gigantamax.

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