Pokemon Sword and Shield - Wei Champion Cup (Wyndon) Guide

Champion cup finals stage guide for Wei of Wyndon Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his hpokemon.

Guide for Wyndon Champion Cup Finals Stage (Wei)

The Wyndon Champion Cup is the pokemon league in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The trainer who wins the semifinals proceeds to the finals stage to face one of the Gym challengers.

Recommended Pokemon

If you’re on Pokemon Shield, the battle against Allister comes in handy when dealing with Wei’s team. He assembled a team of ghost types and four of these have secondary types. Despite having another type to give them coverage against others, you’re better off sticking with a solid dark type of your choice if you don’t plan on using the legendary Pokemon. Your team should be around level 75.

Here are the suggested Pokemon to use against Wei’s team:

  • Dark: Bisharp, Grimmsnarl, Hydreigon, Obstagoon, Pangoro, Thievul

Wei Finals Stage Battle

  • Polteageist (Lv. 56), Froslass (Lv. 56), Trevenant (Lv. 57), Golurk (Lv. 57), Jellicent (Lv. 58)

Wei’s team appears to resemble Allister’s at the expense of having lower level Pokemon. He starts off with Polteageist which has Giga Drain and Foul Play. If your Pokemon is fast enough to move first, you don’t have to worry much about the rest of his team. Bisharp is one of the better choices due to its resistance to many types. Another great Pokemon to use is Thievul or Obstagoon since they can be raised early. If your Pokemon can’t take out Polteageist in one hit, you might want to bring X Attack, X Special Attack, or use buffs. Dark types that rely on special attacks are safer options since they aren’t affected by Poltegeist’s Foul Play even after accumulating many special attack buffs. Other than that, they also don’t mind getting the attack drop from Frosslass’ will-o-wisp. When he’s down to his last three Pokemon, have your Pokemon dynamax and use Max Darkness to defeat him.

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