Pokemon Sword and Shield - Legendary Max Raid Battles Teased

Take part on Legendary Max Raid Battles in the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Legendary Max Raid Battles

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Dynamax Adventure

Instead of single encounters, the expansion pass offers trainers a chance to take on legendary Pokemon. However, the road to catching the legendary Pokemon won’t be any easier this time around. Trainers must join forces with others to weaken a legendary Pokemon that have gained the power to dynamax.

Past legendary encounters

This isn’t the first time to encounter legendary through max raid though. In a past event that celebrated the anniversary of Pokemon’s iconic titles, trainers were able to gauge Mewtwo’s strengths in max raid battles. Contrary to the previous event, it is likely that not only Mewtwo but also other legendary can finally be caught after long and grueling battles. The process appears to combine max raid features with the wormholes from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In the official website, photos signify that regular and legendary Pokemon may spawn in the den adventure.

Bear in mind that trainers will have access to the den adventures when the Crown Tundra expansion comes out.

List of legendary Pokemon

Below is a list of the legendary Pokemon that have the potential to spawn in the Dynamax adventure:


Pokemon Type
Mewtwo Psychic
Lugia Psychic, Flying
Ho-oh Fire, Flying
Groudon Ground
Kyogre Water
Dialga Dragon, Steel
Palkia Dragon, Water
Giratina Dragon, Ghost
Reshiram Dragon, Fire
Zekrom Dragon, Electric
Xerneas Fairy
Yveltal Dark, Flying
Solgaleo Psychic, Steel
Lunala Psychic, Ghost

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