Pokemon Sword and Shield - Part 1: Postwick – Wedgehurst Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough and guide for Part 1: Postwick - Wedgehurst in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Postwick - Wedgehurst Walkthrough

Part 1: Postwick – Wedgehurst

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Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items that can be acquired in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Potion x3 Inside your bag
Fishing Rod Inside your bag
Potion Route 1 (near the circular grassy path)
Paralyze Heal x2 Route 1 (near the circular grassy path)
Pokedex From Sonia at the pokemon research lab
Potion From the man outside the pokemon research lab
Rare Candy Right of the pokemon research lab
Pokeball x20 From Leon at route 2
Potion x2 Near the red signboard at route 2
Pokeball x2 Route 2
TM57 Payback Behind Prof. Magnolia’s house
Dynamax Band From Prof. Magnolia
Camping Gear From mom at Wedgehurst station
TM40 Swift From Hop in front of Wedgehurst station
Pokemon Box Link From Sonia at Motostoke station
Held Item From Leon at Motostoke
TR13 Focus Energy From the man at the TR shop in Motostoke
High-tech Earbuds From the old man at the shop to the right of Motostoke stadium

Wild Pokemon

Here is a list of wild pokemon encountered in this walkthrough:

Pokemon Location
Skwovet Route 1, Slumbering Weald
Rookidee Slumbering Weald, Route 2
Zigzagoon Route 2
Nickit Route 2
Yamper Route 2
Chewtle Route 2
Seedot Route 2
Wooloo Route 2
Magikarp Lake beside Prof. Magnolia’s house on Route 2
Arrokuda Lake beside Prof. Magnolia’s house on Route 2
Pidove Motosoke Wild Area
Bunnelby Motosoke Wild Area
Wingull Motosoke Wild Area
Snorunt Motosoke Wild Area
Tympole Motosoke Wild Area
>Vulpix Motosoke Wild Area
Caterpie (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area
Grubbin (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area
Purrloin (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area
Hoothoot (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area
Bounsweet (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area
Budew (Dynamax) Pokemon den at Motostoke Wild Area

List of Pokemon

Postwick – Wedgehurst Walkthrough

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Postwick


1 After creating your character, watch the cutscene.
2 Grab your bag and hat in your room in the rightmost section of the house.
3 Approach Hop after the cutscene.
4 Follow Hop to his house by going down the road and turning right. Enter the house and watch the cutscene.
5 Leave the house and approach Hop. Get on route 1 and walk to the Wedgehurst station straight ahead. Watch the cutscene.
6 Choose your starter pokemon. Note that Hop will get the pokemon that is weak to the one you choose. For instance, Hop will take Scorbunny if you choose Sobble. Leon will take the starter pokemon that yours is weak against.
Choosing Your Starter Pokemon
7 Watch the cutscene.
8 Agree to battle Hop and prepare to take him on. Hop will use Wooloo and his starter pokemon against you. Keep attacking his Wooloo until it is defeated. Your pokemon will level-up and gain a new move to use against Hop’s starter pokemon. Use the new move to take advantage of his pokemon’s weakness. You can use the potion inside your bag to heal if your pokemon is struggling.
9 Watch the cutscene after defeating Hop and agree to save the Wooloo. Follow the path to the Slumbering Weald.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Slumbering Weald

Slumbering Weald

1 Proceeding along the Slumbering Weald. Watch the cutscene and follow Hop through the mist.
2 Depending on your game version, you will be attacked by either Zacian or Zamazenta in their base forms. You cannot win the fight so just use any attack until the battle ends.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Wedgehurst


1 Watch the cutscenes, then go inside your house to get money from your mom.
2 Head to route 1 and approach Hop.
3 Follow the circular grassy path on the right to get a potion and two paralyze heals.
4 When you arrive in Wedgehurst, turn right at the station and approach Leon in front of the pokemon research lab.
5 Watch the cutscene and get the pokedex from Sonia. Exit the lab to get a potion from the man outside.
6 Head to the right side of the pokemon research lab to rare candy.

Route 2


Proceed past the station and approach Hop. Afterward, head to route 2 and get 20 pokeballs from Leon. Try to catch a few wild pokemon like Zigzagoon or Nickit in the grass to add to your pokemon roster. They will be effective against Bede, a recurring rival who uses psychic type pokemon. It is also good to catch a Yamper to prepare for your second battle against Hop. He will have a Rookidee, a flying type pokemon that is weak to electric attacks. Seedot can also be rarely found in the grass.

Since the pokemon center in Wedgehurst can be accessed, you can take the time to train some of your pokemon and gain a few levels. Return to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.

2 Follow the path on route 2 and battle Youngster Jake (Lv. 6 Skwovet).
3 Continue and get two potions near the red signboard.
4 Drop down to the lower area and follow the path covered in grass on the right to get two pokeballs.
5 Continue toward Prof. Magnolia’s house and battle Lass Lauren (Lv.6 Chewtle).
6 Move along and battle Youngster Benjamin (Lv.5 Blipbug, Lv.7 Nickit).
7 Before approaching Prof. Magnolia’s house, you can fish for a Magikarp in the lake beside it. If you fish for another pokemon, you can acquire Arrukuda.
8 Approach the gate of Prof. Magnolia’s house for a cutscene.
9 After the cutscene, go outside the house and head to the passage on the right. Follow the path behind the house to get TM57 Payback.
10 Then, proceed to the garden area located at the left side and acquire a Great Ball.
11 Proceed to the front of the house to battle Hop. Hop will have a Lv.6 Wooloo and Lv. 5 Rookidee. His starter pokemon will be at Lv. 8. Send out Yamper against his Rookidee and use Nuzzle to make quick work of it. His Wooloo and starter pokemon can be dealt with using your own starter pokemon.
12 After defeating Hop, you will get a letter of endorsement from Leon. You will also receive a dynamax band.
13 Leave the house and return to Wedgehurst.


1 Before heading to the station, drop by the pokemart inside the pokemon center to stock up on supplies. You might want to buy some pokeballs and healing items before heading out.
2 Approach Hop in front of the station to get TM40 Swift.
3 Your mom will give you camping gear. Watch the cutscene to proceed to travel to the Wild Area station.

Motostoke Wild Area

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Motostoke Wild Area

1 After arriving at Motostoke Station, watch the cutscene.
2 Follow Hop outside the station and approach him near the wild area. Sonia will give you the pokemon box link.
3 You can try to examine pokemon dens to get watts and battle dynamaxed pokemon with other players. Clearing them allows you to obtain rare, dynamax, and exp. candies. You can also get some TRs to teach your pokemon new moves. Use your time in the wild area to catch pokemon as well. If you accidentally encountered high-level wild pokemon, you can choose to run.
4 Also, head to West Lake Axewell and look for an NPC who will sell you an Exp. Candy XS for 100 Watts.
5 Head for the Motostoke gate up ahead and battle Pokemon Breeder Chloe (Lv.13 Grookey, Lv.13 Scorbunny, Lv.13 Sobble).
6 You can talk to the league staff near the gate to spend your watts and buy TRs. The camper beside him will give you pack of sausages x3 if you have made at least one type of curry.
7 Enter Motostoke through the gate.


1 Approach the pokemon center for a cutscene.
2 Have your pokemon healed at the pokemon center. You can use the Rotom PC there to switch out your pokemon.
3 Head out and talk to Sonia. Afterwards, move toward the stadium and talk to the man at the TR shop to get TR13 Focus Energy.
4 Move along and get hi-tech earbuds from the old man at the shop to the right of the stadium.
5 Approach the stadium for a cutscene.
6 Leon will give you a held item that boosts the moves of your starter pokemon.
7 Get on the lift to reach the stadium and approach Hop. You will then need to register for the gym challenge at the counter by indicating a uniform number.
8 Leave the stadium and follow the league staff to the inn.
9 Head up to the front desk and talk to the Team Yell members to battle them. The first Team Yell grunt has a Lv.9 Zigzagoon while the second has a Lv.9 Nickit. These can be dealt with without too much issue, especially if you chose Scorbunny as your starter that has double kick. You will then battle both of them with Hop which will be quite easy as well. Use potions if you need to.
10 After winning the battles, watch the cutscene. Talk to the staff at the front desk to rest for the night.
11 Watch the cutscene after waking up and leave the inn.
12 Go inside the stadium and talk to the staff at the front desk.
13 Watch the cutscene.
14 Leave the stadium and head for Turffield by going on route 3.

Part 2: Turffield →

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