Pokemon Sword and Shield - Effort Value Training Spots

Details on effort value training spots in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and list of spots.

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Effort Value, better known as EVs, are points that give extra stats to Pokemon. The way the stats grow depends on which Pokemon were defeated. Below we’ve compiled a list of spots in the overworld that are suitable for training each of the six kinds of EVs.

List of training spots


Stat EVs Location Wild Pokemon Levels
HP 1 Route 1 Skwovet 3-6
Attack 1 Route 2 Chewtle 5-7
Defense 1 Galar mine Rolycoly 11-14
Defense 2 Galar mine
(Route 4 side entrance)
Carkol 18
Special Attack 1 Route 8
(Side of Circhester)
Snom 38-43
Special Defense 1 Route 2 Nickit 5-7
Special Defense 1 Slumbering Weald Blipbug 2-3
Speed 1 Route 2 Rookiedee 5-7
Speed 1 Route 2 Galarian Zigzagoon 5-7

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