Pokemon Sword and Shield - Fossil Guide

Details on fossils in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, version exclusives, and steps on how to revive fossils.


Fossils are rare items found in the overworld. The items are fragments of prehistoric creatures and must be combined with a different one to produce a Pokemon.

Version exclusives

A pair of fossils are commonly found in each version of the game. To get the other fossils, you need to set up a trade or obtain them from the Digging Duo.

Sword Shield
Bird Drake
Dino Fish

Digging Duo Item List

How to resurrect fossils

Contrary to other games, the fossils in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield consist of two parts. Visit the researcher on the route 6, the path which leads to Stow-on-Side. Look for the her on the right platform and ask her to revive your fossil into a Pokemon. You need to give her two fossils. Below are the possible combinations.

Fossil 1 Fossil 2 Pokemon
Bird Dino Arctozolt
Drake Fish Dracovish
Bird Fish Arctovish
Drake Dino Dracozolt

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