Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Unlock more PC Boxes

Details on how to unlock more PC Boxes in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and steps on unlocking more boxes.


Catching Pokemon often takes time since the Galar region contains over 400 different species. Here, we take a look at some tricks on how to unlock PC boxes faster.

The Pokemon Storage System

The Pokemon storage system is a computer that allows players to store Pokemon. Every trainer can access the PC from the Pokemon center. The PC is made up of eight boxes, which are made up of six columns and five rows of slots for Pokemon. Thirty Pokemon can be stored in each box.

Pokemon Storage while on-the go

A brand new feature is the ability to use the PC without having to visit a Pokemon center. Pokemon Box Link gives trainers a chance to use their PC nearly anywhere in the region. There’s a catch, however. Unlike previous games, the trainer’s Pokemon no longer restore to full health after being put into or withdrawn from the PC. This is likely to avoid the potential of exploiting the Box Link as a means to get around healing items or visiting the Pokemon Center. In addition, trainers can’t use the Box Link while a challenge is underway.

You can get the Box Link key item from Sonia at the Meetup spot.

Adding more boxes

By default, players have eight boxes to work with which means you can collect in excess of 240 different Pokemon. While this is handy for your journey in collecting Pokemon, it’s barely enough to store all of the Pokemon that reside in the Galar region. However, there’s a way to bypass the need to fill up the entire PC at the start. To do this, you need to distribute at least one Pokemon in each of the empty boxes. Log off from your PC and then access it again. You’ll notice that more boxes were added. Do the same trick a few more times until you have 32 boxes.

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