Pokemon Sword and Shield - Dojo Upgrades

Information on Dojo Upgrades for the Expansion Pass, the Isle of Armor, in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Included are an overview, list of upgrades, services, and details.

Dojo Upgrades

Below is a break down of the watts and the following features unlocked.

In order to fully upgrade the Dojo with services and facilities, you’ll need a whopping 6,735,000 worth of watts.

Watts Service Details
5,000 Hairstylist Enter the door near the lounge area to change your hairstyle.
10,000 Broken Rotomi terminal Place a Rotomi terminal.
20,000 Working Rotomi terminal Rotomi terminal becomes fully functional.
30,000 Vending Machine Add a vending machine.
40,000 Add Soda Pop to the Vending Machine Expand the vending machine menu.
50,000 Add Lemonade to the Vending Machine Expand the vending machine menu.
100,000 Camp Storage Import a fridge that stores Camp Ingredients.
200,000 Vitamins (Protein and Iron) Add a pair of vitamins.
300,000 Add Calcium and Zinc Add another pair of vitamins.
400,000 Add HP Up and Carbos Complete all the vitamin selections.
500,000 Dojo League Card Background Adds a background for future battles.
800,000 Honey’s League Card Obtain Ms. Honey’s card.
1,000,000 Challenge Ms. Honey Take on Ms. Honey on a single battle with 6 Pokemon.
3,280,000 Honey’s Rare League Card Unlock a special event and obtain Ms. Honey’s rare card.


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