Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Farm Watts

A guide on how to farm watts in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are their use and the best locations to farm them.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Farm Watts

Farming Watts

What are Watts?

Watts are a special type of currency in Pokemon Sword and Shield that is different from money. Watts are primarily spent on items sold by wild area traders. These include TRs, wishing pieces, and other one-time use items.

TR List

Watts are also used to reduce the Rotom bike’s turbo cooldown. It can also be spent on the digging duo’s services to obtain rare items.

Watts are obtained from completing Max Raid battles and can sometimes be collected from pokemon dens. You can find pokemon dens by venturing into the wild areas outside a city.

Farming Method

Max Raid Battles

Head to the wild areas and look for glowing pokemon dens, especially those emanating red light into the sky. Faintly glowing pokemon dens will yield 50 watts when you examine them. Moderately-glowing ones give 200 watts. Pokemon dens projecting strong red light will give you 2,000 watts.

Note that you do not need to initiate a Max Raid Battle to collect watts from pokemon dens radiating light. Simply examine them and move on to the next den to keep farming.

Bridge Field is one of the best places to farm watts. You will want to be on your Rotom bike to do this as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Capture Glowing Pokemon

You can also get watts from defeating or capturing a pokemon with a glowing yellow aura in wild areas. Doing so allows you to earn more than 200 watts each time.

Join the Rotom Rally

Completing any of the courses in the Rotom Rally also allows you to accumulate watts. Talk to any of the traders in the wild areas after obtaining the Rotom bike to join.

Rotom Rally

The faster you complete a course, the more watts you will earn. Other rewards, including TM14 Thunderwave and TM80 Volt Switch, can be obtained for regularly completing races.

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