Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 11 Wyndon and Champion Cup

Walkthrough Part 11 Wyndon and Champion Cup for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 11 - Wyndon and Champion Cup

Walkthrough Part 11

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
X Attack x2 Left of the route 10 station.
Max Revive Right of the route 10 station past the grass.
PP Up Route 10
Max Revive Wyndon
Big Nugget Wyndon
Air Balloon Wyndon
Black Sludge Wyndon
Balm Mushroom Wyndon
Rare Candy Wyndon
Rare Candy Wyndon
Dream Ball Wyndon
TM93 Eerie Impulse Wyndon (Rose Tower)
Rare Candy Wyndon (Rose Tower)
Electric Seed Wyndon (Rose Tower)
Cell Battery Wyndon (Rose Tower)
Max Revive x3 From Sonia at Postwick.
Full Restore Slumbering Weald
Life Orb Slumbering Weald
Mental Herb Slumbering Weald
Elixir Slumbering Weald
TM86 Phantom Force Slumbering Weald.
Smoke Ball Slumbering Weald
Rusted Sword Slumbering Weald (shrine)

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Snover Route 10
Galarian Mr. Mime Route 10
Abomasnow Route 10
Cubchoo Route 10
Beartic Route 10
Galarian Weezing Slumbering Weald
Munna Slumbering Weald
Orbeetle Slumbering Weald.
Stunfisk Slumbering Weald



1 Leave the stadium for a cutscene.
2 Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center and head for Hammerlocke station.
3 Travel to route 10.

Route 10

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Wyndon

1 Head outside the station and pick up X attack x2 on the left.
2 Walk east and pick up max revive past the grassy area.
3 Go north and battle Doctor Graham (Lv.45 Gardevoir).
4 Move along and defeat Hiker Douglas (Lv.45 Steelix, Lv.45 Mudsdale).
5 Continue northeast and battle Office Worker Ronald (Lv.45 Weavile, Lv.45 Claydol).
6 Walk northwest. Defeat Cabbie Geoffrey (Lv.45 Corviknight, Lv.46 Flygon) and Postman Harper (Lv.46 Pelipper, Lv.46 Noctowl).
7 Head west until you see a camper. Pick up PP up at the dead end on the left.
8 Go north. Battle Hiker Donald (Lv. 46 Gigalith. Lv.46 Rhydon) and Gentleman Glenn (Lv.46 Darmanitan, Lv.46 Falinks, Lv.46 Grapploct).
9 Continue on the path and defeat Reporter Gillian (Lv.46 Helioliks, Lv.47 Noivern) and Cameraman Cam (Lv.46 Klinklang, Lv.47 Togedemaru).
10 Enter Wyndon.

Wyndon Champion Cup Semi Finals

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Marnie Champion Cup Battle Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hop Champion Cup Battle
1 Head to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.
2 Leave the pokemon center and walk west past the phone booth. Pick up max revive near the fence on the left.
3 Head north and cross the bridge toward the front area of Rose of the Rondelands hotel. Walk to the left of the hotel to get big nugget and to the right to get air balloon.
4 Turn back and pass the bridge again. Follow the road going east to get black sludge.
5 Continue following the road and head south from the stadium.
6 Turn right to the park. Pick up balm mushroom on the northeast corner of the park.
7 Go inside the middle fenced section of the park and get rare candy in the lower left corner. Walk to the center of the fenced section to get a grassy seed.
8 Backtrack and head for the stadium.
9 Go inside the stadium and talk to the ball guy to get dream ball.
10 Talk to the front desk to begin the champion cup.
11 Prepare to battle Marnie. She will have a Lv.47 Liepard, Lv.47 Scrafty, Lv.48 Morpeko, Lv.47 Toxicroak, and Lv.49 Grimmsnarl (Marnie Champion Cup Guide).
12 After defeating Marnie, you will be up against Hop. He will use Lv.48 Dubwool, Lv.47 Snorlax, Lv.47 Corviknight, Lv.47 Pincurching, and his Lv. 49 starter pokemon (Hop Champion Cup Guide).
13 Watch the cutscene and head outside the hotel.
14 Walk to the purple house in the northeast corner of the plaza and talk to the Team Yell grunt.
15 Battle Macro Cosmos’ Eric (Lv.47 Meowth, Lv.47 Durant). He will relocate to the left side of the statue. Talk to him to battle him again (Lv.47 Mawile, Lv.47 Excadrill). He will take off again and hide in the phone booth. Talk to him there to battle him again (Lv.47 Ferroseed, Lv.47 Steelix).
16 Watch the cutscene afterward.
17 Before going inside Rose Tower, get TM93 Eerie Impulse behind the big sign. To the southwest of the entrance is rare candy.
18 Walk to the left of the tower to get an electric seed and to the right to get a cell battery.
19 Enter Rose Tower.

Rose Tower

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Macro Cosmos Rose Tower Pokemon Sword and Shield - Oleana Rose Tower Battle
1 Watch the cutscene and battle Macro Cosmos’ Elijah (Lv.48 Durant).
2 Get on the lift and defeat Macro Cosmos’ Jane (Lv.48 Cufant) and Mateo (Lv.48 Bronzong).
3 Further up the lift, you will be challenged by Macro Cosmos’ Carla (Lv.48 Mawile) and Kevin (Lv.48 Klang).
4 Battle Macro Cosmos’ Adalyn (Lv.49 Steelix) and Justin (Lv.49 Stunfisk) as you continue to ascend.
5 After the cutscene, get ready to take on Vice Chairman Oleana. She will have a Lv.50 Froslass, Lv.50 Tsareena, Lv.50 Salazzle, Lv.51 Milotic, and Lv.50 Garbadour (Vice Chairman Oleana Rose Tower Guide).
6 Watch the cutscene.
7 Enter the stadium and prepare to battle Bede, Nessa, Bea or Allister, and Raihan.

Wyndon Champion Cup Finals Stage – Slumbering Weald

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Bede Champion Cup Battle Pokemon Sword and Shield - Champion Cup Nessa
Pokemon Sword and Shield - Champion Cup Bea Pokemon Sword and Shield - Champion Cup Allister
Pokemon Sword and Shield - Raihan Champion Cup Battle
1 Bede will use a Lv.51 Mawile, Lv.51 Gardevoir, Lv.52 Galarian Rapidash, and Lv.53 Hatterene (Bede Champion Cup Guide).
2 Nessa will send out Lv.51 Golisopod, Lv.51 Pelipper, Lv.52 Seaking, Lv.52 Barraskewda, and Lv.53 Drednaw (Nessa Champion Cup Guide).
3 For Pokemon Sword, Bea will send out a Lv.52 Hawlucha, Lv.53 Falinks, Lv.52 Grapploct, Lv.53 Sirfetch’d, and Lv.54 Machamp (Bea Champion Cup Guide). For Pokemon Shield, Allister will send out a Lv.52 Dusknoir, Lv. 52 Chandelure, Lv. 53 Polteageist, Lv. 53 Cursola, and a Lv.54 Gengar (Allister Champion Cup Guide)
4 Raihan will send out Lv.53 Torkoal, Lv.54 Turtonator, Lv.54 Goodra, Lv54 Flygon, and Lv.55 Duralodon (Raihan Champion Cup Guide).
5 Watch the cutscene and get max revive x3 from Sonia.
6 Proceed along the Slumbering Weald’s path and pick up a full restore.
7 When you come up to the first forked path, turn right. Make another right at the second forked path and follow it to the stream. Use the rotom bike water mode and paddle south to find life orb.
8 Backtrack to the first forked path make a left. Follow it and make a right at the second forked path. Finally, make another left to find mental herb.
9 Head back to the previous forked path and head east. Cross the log bridge to find elixir.
10 Walk south to get TM86 Phantom Force.
11 Backtrack to the log bridge and head north. Get the smoke ball from the small clearing before the path on the left.
12 Take the path on the left and follow it north. Approach Hop for a cutscene.
13 Follow Hop to the shrine to get the rusted sword.
14 Head to Hammerlocke Stadium.

Hammerlocke Energy Plant and Stadium Roof

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Energy Plant Chairman Rose Pokemon Sword and Shield - Energy Plant Chairman Rose
1 Approach Raihan for a cutscene.
2 Enter the underground power plant and approach Chairman Rose.
3 Prepare to battle Chairman Rose. He will use a Lv.55 Escavalier, Lv.55 Ferrothorn, Lv.55 Perrserker, and Lv.57 Copperajah (Chairman Rose Hammerlocke Power Plant Guide).
4 After defeating Chairman Rose, talk to Hop and go to the roof of Hammerlocke stadium.
5 Watch the cutscene.
6 Prepare to battle Eternatus. It is recommended to use ice, ground, and fairy type pokemon against it. Some good options are Weavile, Golurk, Excadrill, and Sylveon. After taking down Eternatus, it will gigantamax. Get ready for another round against it. You will be aided by Zacian, Zamazenta, and Hop’s pokemon. Capture Eternatus after defeating it.
7 Watch the cutscene afterwards.

Wyndon Champion Cup Finals

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Wyndon Champion Cup Finals
1 When you return to Wyndon, head for the stadium.
2 Talk to the front desk to begin the champion cup finals match against Leon.
3 Leon’s pokemon team consists of a Lv.62 Aegislash, Lv. 63 Haxorus, Lv.64 Rhyperiod, Lv.62 Dragapult, a Lv.64 starter pokemon, and a Lv.65 Charizard. A well-rounded roster of pokemon is recommended to defeat Leon. Recommended pokemon to bring in terms of type are fire (Arcanine and Cinderace), fairy (Grimmsnarl and Sylveon), ghost (Gengar), grass (Rillaboom or Eldegoss), rock (Coalossal and Tyranitar), and water types (Gyarados or Intelleon). A detailed guide on the champion cup final battle can be viewed here.
4 Watch the ending after defeating Leon.
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