Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Gigantamax Pokemon

Unlock the potential of the Gigantamax factor with these new G-max forms. We go over the new G-max forms that are coming out in the latest expansion pass, the Isle of Armor, for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

New Gigantamax Pokemon

When given the chance to display a Pokemon’s Gigantamax form in battle, some of the Pokemon’s moves turn into the G-Max move. The G-max move is a Gigantamax Pokemon’s signature move. Unlike other moves, it not only gives the Pokemon a relatively high base power attack that shares its type but also earns a bonus effect.

Take Kubfu on your journey

The new Pokemon, Kubfu, steels itself by training non-stop. On top of that, Kubfu can also channel even more powerful moves thanks to its access to the Gigantamax factor.

How to Evolve Kubfu

Kick off with the Galar Starters

With the advent of Pokemon Home promoting the new Hidden abilities for the Galar Starters, the latest trailer showcased the potential for these Pokemon to make use of the Gigantamax factor.

First we have Rillaboom, the grass type starter’s final evolution. With G-max, Rillaboom’s grass type moves turn into G-Max Drum Solo. Its signature G-max move summons roots to appear from beneath the foe, causing devastating damage.

Cinderace, the final evolution of fire type starter, acquires G-Max Fireball. Cinderace launches a gigantic burning projectile and sends it flying directly at the foe. When hit, it bathes the foe in a fiery explosion.

Last but not the least is G-Max Inteleon. When exposed to the effects of G-max, Inteleon comes equipped with a sharp harpoon and watches closely on the foe. Similar to Cinderace, Inteleon snipes the foe but this time with a water projectile. The attack propels and then blasts the foe with high pressure.

What’s common and unique about their G-max moves is that they cause big damage while ignoring the foe’s ability.

Find old friends

In addition, there’s an NPC in the Isle of Armor that comes accompanied by familiar faces. It is possible that the same Bulbasaur and Squirtle are also capable of Gigantamax later on in the adventure. Venusaur capable of Gigantamaxing has its grass type moves become G-max Vine Lash, while G-max Blastoise has its water type moves become G-max Cannonade.

Similar to the effect of G-max Charizard’s max move, these pair of starters also have their G-max moves effects linger on the field for four turns and trap foes that don’t share their types!

New Moves

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