Pokemon Sword and Shield - Digging Pa and Digging Ma Guide

A guide on Digging Pa and Digging Ma in the Isle of Armor DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are the NPCs' features, services, and location.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Digging Pa and Digging Ma Guide

Digging Pa and Digging Ma Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Digging Pa and Digging Ma Guide

Digging Pa and Digging Ma are a pair of digger NPCs found in the Isle of Armor. Both offer very different services but will only accept Armorite Ores as payment.

How to Get Armorite Ore


You can pay Digging Pa Armorite Ores to dig up a huge amount of Watts for you. Digging Ma, meanwhile, can be hired to dig up more Armorite Ores, though there is a chance that she won’t actually find any before her shovel breaks.

Similar to the Digging Duo, your game will automatically be saved after you choose to avail of their services. Both NPCs will offer you their services for free the first time you meet them. Digging Pa, in particular, will usually dig up around 100,000 to 200,000 Watts for free.


Digging Pa is found at Training Lowlands near the entrance to Warm-Up Tunnel while Digging Ma constantly moves around the wild area.

Digging Ma Locations

Sometimes you can tell when Digging Ma is on a certain location from a distance if you spot a shovel close by. Below is a list of possible locations:

Location Details
Brawler’s Cave Bottom near the center rock pillar
Challenge Beach From the Tower of Waters, head past some grass and then pass in between the cliffs to a secluded spot
Challenge Road From the Tower of Darkness, go down the stairs and then move down one slope and make a left. Check the edge of the cliff
Courageous Cavern From the Fields of Honor, cross the water and then check the right
Forest of Focus Enter from Challenge Beach and then head past the bridge to find her on the left corner
Honeycalm Sea From the Tower of Waters, cross the sea on the left and then search for a small beach area on your right.
Insular Sea Start from challenge beach (tower of waters), you need to head past the island with the two trees and then keep going straight to an island that lies on the far north. She’ll be at the beach near the shore
Loop Lagoon Leave Courageous Cavern and then check the right island
Potbottom Desert Top left corner
Stepping-Stone Sea Head behind the Tower of Waters and then surf the waves to find an island with two trees on northwest. Go around to the left to find her hiding near a raid den
Training Lowlands Corner near den
Warm Up Tunnel Head through a small passage on the left. (She tends to spawn here)
Workout Sea On an island with Exeggutor beside the tree
Workout Sea From Fields of Honor, cross the water to reach a beach with a berry tree below some cliffs


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