Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 7 Ballonlea

Walkthrough Part 7 Ballonlea for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 7 - Ballonlea

Walkthrough Part 7

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Full heal Upper right corner from the entrance of Glimwood Tangle
Big Root From the full heal spot, go around and look under a fallen tree stump.
TM24 Snore On the far left past the Daring Couple.
Hyper Potion x2 Northwest of the glowing mushroom at the center
Luminous Moss Upper right corner past a mushroom
TM56 U-turn Cross the pitch black curve and check the ground under a mushroom.
Choice Scarf Gift from Frank after taking Paula’s Letter in Ballonlea
Eviolite Gift from Elena after defeating her in a Pokemon battle in Ballonlea
TM21 Rest Under some large green mushrooms on the right corner of Ballonlea
Balm Mushroom South of TM21’s location near different colored mushrooms in Ballonlea

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Hattrem Glimwood Tangle
Morgrem Glimwood Tangle


Glimwood Tangle

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Glimwood Tangle

1 Hop on your bike and cross to the left side.
2 Approach Cook Derek (Lv. 33 Milcery, Lv. 33 Sinistea, Lv. 34 Shiinotic) for a battle.
3 Return to the middle and cross to the right side.
4 Zip past some glowing mushrooms to the upper right corner for a full heal.
5 Go around and check below the collapsed stump for a big root.
6 From here, go around the stump heading right.
7 Move past the Daring Couple Robert and Jacqueline (Lv. 34 Kirlia, Lv. 34 Ninetales) to challenge them.
8 Head down and scale the dark path on the left and follow the trail to reach a distant mushroom up ahead. Tap it to get some light.
9 Go back down and then move to the far left corner to find TM24 Snore.
10 Backtrack to where you touched the mushroom and then head left to receive a pair of Hyper Potions.
11 Jog down and approach Madame Judy (Lv. 33 Indeedee, Lv. 33 Indeedee) for a duel.
12 Cross the dark path and interact with the mushroom on the left edge.
13 Walk up to the right corner and loot the Luminous Moss.
14 Follow the dark curved path and collect TM56 U-turn.
15 From the mushroom, head south and jump down off the platform and then drop off again on the right edge.
16 Tap the mushroom sticking out of the overgrown vine on the left corner.
17 Move to the right and tap the mushroom that sprouted from the rock.
18 Follow the dark trail leading north to reach Ballonlea.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Ballonlea

1 Make a pitstop at the Pokemon center and talk to the nurse to restore your Pokemon’s health.
2 If you brought Paula’s letter from Hammerlocke, you can deliver it to Frank. He lives in the house on the left edge where a boy is standing outside. He rewards your concern with a Choice Scarf. Go back outside.
3 Visit the house next to Frank’s and talk to the old lady to obtain TM77 Hex.
4 Speak to Pokemon Breeder Elena (Lv. 30 Dottler) on the right for a Pokemon battle. After you pass her test, she hands over an Eviolite.
5 Exit the house and jog to the right to find TM21 Rest under some mushrooms.
6 Walk down the slope and pick up the Balm Mushroom.
7 Take your party to the Pokemon center one more time.
8 When you’re ready, head up to enter the Ballonlea stadium.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Opal

The Ballonlea challenge tests both your mental acuity and Pokemon skills. Every few turns, your foe will interrupt you with a thought-provoking question. Choose the right answer and you’ll get a buff. However, choosing the wrong answer punishes you with a debuff. Avoid getting stumped by the questions to keep your Pokemon fighting fit. The gym trainers are all weak to steel and poison types, so if you have one of those types they should go down after a few hits. Opal, on the other hand, has some tricks up her sleeve, so you need to think hard before you finalize your answer. If you raised all kinds of types that are effective against Fairy type, you’re in luck. While Steel types could suffice, having raised high level Poison types and Fire types to complement the steel Pokemon makes defeating her a breeze.

Opal Gym Challenge (Ballonlea) Guide

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  1. Ballonlea No 3 Visit the house next to Frank’s and talk to the old lady to obtain TM77 Hex.
    is actually TM42 Revenge in pokemon shield TM77 Hex is received after beating the Allister Gym.