Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get Rare Candies

A guide on how to get rare candies in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are their effect and where to obtain them.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get Rare Candies

Rare Candies

Rare candies are consumable items that raise the level of pokemon by one. While rare candies were quite hard to come by in previous games, they are easier to obtain in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Obtain Rare Candies

Main Story

Rare candies can be found as you journey across the Galar region.

Story Walkthroughs

Area Location
Wedgehurst In the tree to the right of the pokemon research lab.
Route 4 Rock near the poke kid wearing a pikachu costume.
Hammerlocke Behind the pokeball statue near the church on the upper level of Hammerlocke.
Axew’s Eye wild area Edge of the water (respawns every 24 hours at midnight). Requires Rotom bike water mode to reach.
Route 6 Platform near a pond. The spot is near the ledge where you can find TM30 Steel Wing.
  • Fenced middle section of the park.
  • Southwest of the entrance of Rose Tower.

Max Raid Battles

Rare candies are also possible rewards for winning max raid battles. This requires you to battle wild dynamaxed pokemon with other players to get them. You can also obtain dynamax candies that increase a pokemon’s level when dynamaxed.

Hammerlocke BP Shop

After clearing the game and unlocking the Wyndon Battle Tower, you will be able to purchase rare candies for 20 BP each at the Hammerlocke BP shop. TMs, bottle caps, mints, and held items can also be bought there.

Wyndon Battle Tower

After ranking up to master ball tier in the Wyndon battle tower, you will receive 10 rare candies, 3 bottle caps, and an ability capsule as rewards.

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