Pokemon Sword and Shield - Leon Champion Cup Rematch (Wyndon) Guide

Champion cup finals stage guide for Leon of Wyndon Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Leon Champion Cup Rematch (Wyndon) Guide

Guide for Wyndon Champion Cup Finals Stage (Leon)

The Wyndon Champion Cup is the pokemon league in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The trainer who wins the semifinals proceeds to the finals stage to face one of the Gym challengers.

Recommended Pokemon

Leon returns as one of the challengers that you’ll face in the champion cup. Unlike the battle at the champion cup, Leon benches his Haxorus. In addition, he also replaced some of his Pokemon’s moves. The level of Leon’s party is around the same level as Hop’s. Your team should be around level 85.

Here are the suggested Pokemon to use against Leon’s team:

  • Dark: Grimmsnarl, Thievul, Obstagoon

If you chose Grookey:

  • Fire: Rotom-Heat
  • Grass: Ludicolo, Rillaboom
  • Rock: Tyranitar

If you chose Scorbunny:

  • Fire: Cinderace, Rotom-Heat
  • Grass: Ludicolo
  • Rock: Tyranitar

If you chose Sobble:

  • Dragon: Hydreigon
  • Poison: Toxtricity
  • Water: Inteleon, Rotom-Wash

Leon Finals Stage Battle

  • Choose Sobble: Aegislash (Lv. 70), Dragapult (Lv. 68), Rhyperior (Lv. 69), Rillaboom (Lv. 70), Charizard (Lv. 70)
  • Choose Grookey: Aegislash (Lv. 70), Dragapult (Lv. 68), Seismitoad (Lv. 69), Cinderace (Lv. 70), Charizard (Lv. 70)
  • Choose Scorbunny: Aegislash (Lv. 70), Dragapult (Lv. 68), Mr. Rime (Lv. 69), Inteleon (Lv. 70), Charizard (Lv. 70)

The level of Leon’s party is around the same level as Hop’s. Leon has two ghost types which means a dark type would make a great addition to your team. He leads with Aegislash, so have a strong dark type and use Nasty Plot or Hone Claws. After a few turns, hit it with moves like Dark Pulse, Crunch or Foul Play. Do the same against his Dragapult to knock it out. The second half of his team consists of Pokemon that depend on who you chose as your starter. Seismitoad can be dealt using Rillaboom, Mr. Rime can be fought with Cinderace, and Rhyperior goes down to Inteleon. In the same way, you need to have a Pokemon to cover up your starter’s weaknesses. Those who picked Rillaboom can opt to use Rotom-Heat or Tyranitar against Leon’s fire types. Trainers who raised Cinderace can pair it with Tyranitar to handle Mr. Rime and Charizard. Last but not the least, those who settled with Inteleon can match it with strong poison types like Toxtricity. In fact, Toxtricity unique typing allows it to also use electric type moves while dynamaxed to punish Leon’s Gigantamaxed Charizard.

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