Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hop Champion Cup Rematch (Wyndon) Guide

Champion cup finals stage guide for Hop of Wyndon Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hop Champion Cup Rematch (Wyndon) Guide

Guide for Wyndon Champion Cup Finals Stage (Hop)

The Wyndon Champion Cup is the pokemon league in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The trainer who wins the semifinals proceeds to the finals stage to face one of the Gym challengers.

Recommended Pokemon

Hop recruits Zacian or Zamazenta on his team depending on the version you’re playing on. In addition, he now uses gigantamax on Corviknight. If you’re not using Eternatus, you will need a strong fire type to take its place. You may opt to equip it with a Life Orb, an Expert Belt, or a Charcoal. Your team should be around level 85.

Here are the suggested Pokemon to use against Hop’s team:

  • Dragon: Duraludon, Eternatus
  • Fighting: Conkeldurr, Snorlax, Pangoro
  • Fire: Arcanine, Charizard, Rotom-Heat, Salazzle
  • Starter Pokemon: Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon

Hop Finals Stage Battle

  • Dubwool (Lv. 69), Snorlax (Lv. 68), Rillaboom/Cinderace/Inteleon (Lv. 70), Zacian/Zamazenta (Lv. 70), Corviknight (Lv. 70)

He leads with Dubwool which often raises its defense stat. You can bring Eternatus and have it use X Special Attacks at the start of the match. If you’re not faced with any of Hop’s steel types, use moves like Dynamax Cannon. When you’re faced against his Corviknight, Eternatus’ flamethrower should be enough to knock it out before it gets a chance to use Light Screen.

If you haven’t trained Eternatus, you can also swap it with a couple of other Pokemon. Bring a fighting type against his normal types, your own starter against his starter, and a strong fire type Pokemon like Arcanine, Charizard, Rotom-Heat or Salazzle. When you’re up against his Corviknight, use dynamax and unleash a Max Flare. Another option is to use Rotom and burn it with will-o-wisp. If it puts you below half, use some recovery items to get back to full health. Keep using electric type moves to make it faint. When Hop sends out Zacian or Zamazenta, do the same method to weaken its attack and then fire off a powerful Overheat. Depending on how your Rotom is trained, it might take some extra turns to defeat it.

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