Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to obtain Mints

Details on Mints in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, location, and a list of mints and their effects.


Mints are supplements that modify a Pokemon’s growth rate. Keep in mind that only the most recently given mint will have a lasting effect on the Pokemon. The effects of mints are not cumulative, which means that you can have one boon and one bane for every five stats. Mints have no effect on a Pokemon’s HP.

Where to find

Mints can be found in the Battle Tower. One way to get them is to reach milestones by achieving certain feats like winning some battles in a row. Another way to get them is to use Battle Points at the BP shop. Each mint costs 50 BP, so you need to decide which one to buy when starting out carefully. Similar to other BP items, you unlock mints after completing the main story.

List of mints

Attack mints

Skill Boosts Lowers
Lonely Mint Attack Defense
Adamant Mint Attack Special attack
Naughty Mint Attack Defense
Brave Mint Attack Speed

Defense mints

Skill Boosts Lowers
Bold Mint Defense Attack
Impish Mint Defense Special attack
Lax Mint Defense Special defense
Relaxed Mint Defense Speed

Special attack mints

Skill Boosts Lowers
Modest Mint Special attack Attack
Mild Mint Special attack Defense
Rash Mint Special attack Special defense
Quiet Mint Special attack Speed

Special defense mints

Skill Boosts Lowers
Calm Mint Special defense Attack
Gentle Mint Special defense Defense
Careful Mint Special defense Special attack
Sassy Mint Special defense Speed

Speed mints

Skill Boosts Lowers
Timid Mint Speed Attack
Hasty Mint Speed Defense
Jolly Mint Speed Special attack
Naive Mint Speed Special defense

Neutral mint

Skill Boosts Lowers
Serious Mint Same as lowers Same as boosts

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