Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokerus Guide

A guide on pokerus in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including how to acquire the condition, mechanics, and tips.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokerus Guide


Pokerus is a special condition that causes a Pokemon to earn twice as many effort values (EVs) than normal after battle. This allows you to easily raise a pokemon’s stats to the maximum without using supplements.

Pokemon Supplements Guide

How to Contract Pokerus

After any battle, Pokemon have a 3 out of 65,636 chance of being infected with pokerus. Since the probability of getting infected is incredibly low when playing through the story, it is recommended to trade with other players who have infected pokemon.

Trading Pokemon


Once a pokemon contracts pokerus, it can randomly infect pokemon in your party that are in adjacent slots. After four days, a pokemon will be cured of its ability to infect other pokemon. It will continue to earn twice as many EVs permanently. Putting pokemon in your storage box prevents them from being cured of pokerus.

Since pokerus is beneficial for pokemon, it is recommended to have at least one with the condition in your storage box for future use.

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    • Hi Jalo, we’re not entirely sure about that unfortunately. You can however trade/receive a copy of the Pokemon infected with it, and then use that to spread it to the other Pokemon in the same party.