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Details on ribbons in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and list of ribbons.

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Collectible ribbons debuted in Generation Three and have been a recurring feature since. In the Galar region, trainers can attach certain titles to their Pokemon after achieving certain feats. Below is a list of ribbons, their titles, and how to obtain them.

List of Ribbons

Ribbon Title How to obtain
Effort Ribbon “the Once Well-Trained” Show a Pokemon with maxed out Effort values to the girl in Hammerlocke
Best Friends Ribbon “the Great Friend” Show a Pokemon with maxed out happiness to the boy in Hammerlocke
Galar Champion Ribbon “the Galar champion” Defeat the Champion cup
Tower Master Ribbon “the Tower Master” Defeat Leon in one of the higher tiers of Battle tower
Master Rank Ribbon “the Rank Master” Defeat a Master Ball tier trainer in Ranked battle
Classic Ribbon “the Pokemon Fan” Event
Premier Ribbon “the Celebratory” Event
Event Ribbon “the Festive” Event
Birthday Ribbon “the Best Buddy” Event
Special Ribbon “the Premium” Event
Souvenir Ribbon “the Cherished” Event
Wishing Ribbon “the Wish Granter” Event

Other Ribbons

Some ribbons can only be obtained outside of the Galar region. These ribbons come from old games and can be obtained when Pokemon Home comes out.

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