Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gift Pokemon List

List of Gift Pokemon in the expansion pass of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Gift Pokemon List

Below is a list of known Gift Pokemon in the Isle of Armor.

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List of Gift Pokemon

Pokemon Type Location
Porygon Normal Complete the G-Max Urshifu quest and then interact with the Pokemon at the dojo lounge
Kubfu Fighting Complete the Trials and then talk to Master Mustard
Kantonian Slowpoke Water, Psychic Alolan Diglett NPC
Alola Starters
Grass/Fire/Water Alolan Diglett NPC (Depends on the starter chosen)

List of Gift Pokemon from Alola

Pokemon Type Location
Meowth Dark Alolan Diglett NPC
Vulpix Ice Alolan Diglett NPC
Sandshrew Ice, Steel Alolan Diglett NPC
Raichu Electric, Psychic Alolan Diglett NPC
Marowak Fire, Ghost Alolan Diglett NPC
Exeggutor Grass, Dragon Alolan Diglett NPC
Diglett Ground, Steel Alolan Diglett NPC

List of Gift Pokemon that can G-max

Pokemon Type Location
Kanto Starters
Grass, Poison/ Water Talk to Miss Honey

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