Pokemon Sword and Shield - Isle of Armor Items List


List of items in the Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, including item name, location, and details.

Isle of Armor Items List

Below is a list of items that can be found in the Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.


Item Location Details
Iron Brawler’s Cave

Near the diglett spot with the three rock formations.

Zinc Challenge Beach Beside some grass patches, left of the middle cliff.
Protein Soothing Wetlands

Circular spot near the tree surrounded by tall grass.

Calcium Workout Sea

Small beach stranded in the middle of the sea which can be seen from the station.

Held Items

Item Location Details
Black Glasses Challenge Road After getting TR95, search the left corner behind the building.
Black Sludge Soothing Wetlands Edge of the pond.
Cell Battery Challenge Beach From the courageous cavern make a left past the red flowers and some tall grass to an open spot.
Damp Rock Soothing Wetlands

Pond near the fallen trunk

Destiny Knot Workout Sea

The leftmost island from fields of honor, check the rock surrounded by tall grass.

Expert Belt Fields of Honor

Left of the dojo entrance.

Flame Orb Potbottom Desert From the slope head down and examine the spot tucked in behind the leaves.
Heat Rock Loop Lagoon Check the tree past the tall grass.
Icy Rock Courageous Cavern

Near one of the diglett spots, check the opposite rock on the right.

Miracle Seed Forest of Focus

Near yellow flowers.

Rocky Helmet Potbottom Desert

Follow the left wall and then check the rock that you pass by on the right.

Sea Incense Courageous Cavern

Cross the water and head to the middle island. Search behind cliff.

Shed Shell Forest of Focus

Behind a large tree close to the river.

Smooth Rock Potbottom Desert

From the entrance, head to the right

Toxic Orb Stepping Stone Sea Opposite end where you found the Diglett.

Evolution items

Item Location Details
Dragon Scale Honeycalm Sea From training lowlands head to the upper left small beach.
Dubious Disc Workout Sea Head to a small beach northwest of the fields of honor.
Fire Stone Potbottom Desert From TR21, head left a bit and search around the tree.
Leaf Stone Forest of Focus Near the berry tree on the east end.
Protector Potbottom Desert From the top right side, move to the left to find an item in front of the rock
Sun Stone Fields of Honor Edge of cliff near water opposite tree.

Other items

Item Location Details
Rare Bone Brawler’s Cave Corner beside a stone.
Rare Candy Workout Sea From the small beach with calcium, head straight to another beach with a rock in the middle.

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