Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get Lucky Egg

Details on how to get the lucky egg in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, location, and tips on how to beat the short quest.


The Lucky egg is a held item that boosts the holder’s experience gained after battle. It is used to raise Pokemon faster.

Finding the Lucky Egg

The lucky egg can be found in the fancy seafood restaurant known as the Captain’s Table in Hulbury. If you have already completed the main story, chances are that you’ve been to this place before. It’s where you met with the Chairman, Oleana, and Sonia. Fly to Hulbury, cross the street, and then head inside.

After entering the restaurant, talk to the chef in the right corner. You have to squeeze between the barstools to interact with him. He first asks you to do him a favor. The chef needs a hand delivering some orders. Agree to help him and listen closely for the clue.

Finding the customers

The first house he asks you to find lies in the northwest section of the town. Hug the left wall as you cross by some houses and go up the steps. Enter the second house and then talk to the old woman near the door. She takes the order and rewards you with an Exp. Candy L. Return all the way back to the restaurant to tell the chef that the order was sent. Talk to him again for your next assignment.

After obtaining the package, head back outside. The next house has a Swirlix is found near the foot of the steps. Go inside and interact with the blonde guy. Again, return to the restaurant to submit the report. He gives you Big Nuggets as a reward. Speak to him for your final task.

The last customer is found in a house with a “green roof.” There aren’t any houses in Hulbury that fit the criterion, so you need to check somewhere else. The customer is actually at the marketplace nearest to the entrance. Interact with the guy at the stall to deliver your final order. Head back one last time to the restaurant and talk to the chef. He gives you a Lucky Egg for your efforts.

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