Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get the Master Ball

A guide on how to get the master ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including the conditions and location to obtain it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get Master Ball

Master Ball Location

The master ball is a rare pokeball that can catch any pokemon. Only one is obtained throughout the entire playthrough. It is incredibly useful for catching legendary pokemon, particularly either Zacian or Zamazenta.

Obtaining Zacian and Zamazenta

When can you get it?

You will only be able to get the master ball after becoming the Galar region’s pokemon champion. This means that you will have to defeat Leon at Wyndon to obtain it. After winning the Champion’s Cup, Prof. Magnolia will visit you at your home and give you the master ball.

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How to obtain extra copies

While the master ball is extremely valuable, it can still be obtained multiple times although there is no guarantee. To raise the odds of scoring a master ball, you need to amass different Pokemon from various sources. Basically, you’ll want to expand your collection of Pokemon with different Original Trainer (OT) numbers. You can do this by using the game’s surprise trade feature or by trading with different trainers through online or local communication. Similar to the chance of getting one of the special Pokeballs that Ball Guy gives after conquering another round of the champion cup rematches, there is some luck involved.

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