Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 3 Hulbury

Walkthrough Part 3 Hulbury for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 3 Hulbury

Walkthrough Part 3

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Heal Ball x3 Route 5
TM31 Attract Route 5
Big Mushroom x2 Route 5
Exp. Candy x5 From the pokemon breeder at the pokemon nursery
Shed Shell Route 5
Rotom Bike From the man at the route 5 bridge.
Muscle Feather Route 5 bridge
Revive From Hop one route 5 bridge.
Muscle Feather Route 5 bridge
X Sp. Atk x3 Route 4
TM82 Electroweb Behind the lighthouse in Hulbury.
TM36 Whirlpool From the Hulbury stadium staff after clearing the gym challenge.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Minccino Route 5
Swirlix Route 5
Stufful Route 5
Goldeen Route 5 (pond)
Wobbuffet Route 5
Farfetch’d Route
Dottler Route 5
Eldegoss Route 5 bridge
Drifloon Route 5



1 After talking to Milo, leave the stadium and head to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.
2 Head east to route 5.

Route 5

1 Proceed along the path and battle Interviewers Gillian and Cam (Lv.18 Heloptile and Lv.18 Klink).
2 Pass the two trainers and take the slope leading to the lower area. Get heal ball x3 in the upper left corner. You can also shake the tree to get berries.
3 Battle Cook Stuart (Lv.20 Applin). Follow the path as it winds and get TM31 Attract near the rock in the right corner of the area.
4 Approach the camper and get big mushroom x2 to the left of his tent.
5 Go up the slop and battle Pokemon Breeder Debra (Lv.17 Minccino, Lv.19 Steenee) and Pokemon Breeder Ardrian (Lv.17 Stufful, Lv.19 Ralts, Lv.18 Cutiefly).
6 Head inside the pokemon nursery and talk to the pokemon breeder to get a Toxel and exp. candy x5.
7 Leave the nursery. Before continuing east, head west until you see a patch of tall grass. Go into the grass and walk to the right to go to the hidden area next to the nursery. You will pick up Shed Shell there.
8 Backtrack and continue east to battle Team Yell grunt A (Lv.17 Zigzagoon, Lv.18 Thievul) and B (Lv.18 Sableye). You will get the Rotom bike from the man at the bridge.
9 Get on the bike and proceed along the bridge. Pick up muscle feather near the man looking toward Hammerlocke stadium in the distance.
10 Proceed further and battle Hop. He will have a Lv.18 Wooloo, Lv.19 Corvisquire, and Lv.21 Raboot. As before, his Wooloo and starter pokemon can be dealt with your own starter pokemon. Send out an electric type pokemon to take out his Corvisquire easily.
11 Hop will give you revive after defeating him. Continue on the path on your bike to get another muscle feather just before the bridge ends.
12 Approach and battle Pokemon Breeder Denise (Lv.18 Cherubi, Lv.19 Woobat). Get X Sp. Atk x3 next to her.
13 Move along and battle Office Worker Gabrielle (Lv.19 Croagunk).


1 Head to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon. Leave and head east for a cutscene.
2 Continue east toward the lighthouse. Pick up super potion x2 near the two trash bins.
3 Approach Nessa for a cutscene.
4 Walk to the right of the lighthouse to get TM82 Electroweb.
5 Head to Hulbury stadium to begin the gym challenge.
6 Talk to the gym staff to begin the challenge.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Nessa

The Hulbury gym challenge requires you to complete a puzzle-like maze by pressing switches to clear your path to the gym leader. Trainers here all use water type pokemon, so bring thunder and grass pokemon for the battles to come. Nessa herself is not a threat. She uses a Lv. 22 Goldeen, a Lv. 23 Arrokuda, and a Lv. 24 Drednaw which can be swept using grass-type moves.

Nessa Gym Challenge (Hulbury) Guide

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