Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get the Shiny Charm

Details on how to get the shiny charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and its effect.


The shiny charm is a key item that can be unlocked after recording 400 species of Pokemon in the Galarian Pokedex. It gives a permanent passive effect of raising the odds of finding shiny Pokemon.

Where to find the shiny charm

The shiny charm can be obtained from the same guy that gave you a catching charm in Circhester. After completing the Galar region Pokedex, fly to Circhester and run to the right side. From the plaza, enter the hotel on the left and then ride the elevator. Enter the door on the far left side and talk to the man wearing doctor’s clothes once again. He’ll instantly recognize your achievement and reward you with a certificate. After claiming your diploma, he gives you the shiny charm. The shiny charm is a key item that permanently boosts your chance of finding shiny Pokemon.

How to get the Gatching Charm

Finding shiny Pokemon

Having the shiny charm boosts your chance of finding a Pokemon with a different color from 1/4096 to 3/4096. In other words, with the shiny charm, the game adds two extra rerolls to find a shiny encounter.

Brilliant Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon

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