Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 8 Circhester

Walkthrough Part 8 Circhester for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 8 - Circhester

Walkthrough Part 8

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Ether Route 7
Balm Mushroom Route 7
Shiny Stone Route 8
TM96 Smart Strike Route 8
Hyper Potion x3 Route 8
Pixie Plate Route 8
Max Revive Route 8
Big Nugget Route 8
King’s Rock Route 8
Nugget Route 8
TM43 Brick Break Route 8
Terrain Extender Route 8
Snowball Circhester
X Sp. Atk x2 Circhester
Moon Ball From the ball guy at Circhester stadium.
TM48 Rock Tomb After clearing Circhester gym challenge.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Perrserker Route 7
Thievul Route 7
Galvantula Route 7
Leipard Route 7
Gurdurr Route 8
Solrock Route 8
Pawniard Route 8
Falinks Route 8
Gollet Route 8
Crustle Route 8
Sneasel Route 8 (Steamdrift Way)
Vanillish Route 8 (Steamdrift Way)



1 Head east and approach Bede for a cutscene.
2 Continue east to find Sonia and watch the cutscene.
3 Follow Hop to route 7.

Route 7

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Route 7 and Hop Pokemon Battle

1 Hop will challenge you to a battle. He will use Lv.43 Trevenant, Lv.35 Boltund, Lv.35 Snorlax, Lv.34 Heatmor, and his Lv.37 starter pokemon.
2 After defeating Hop, move along and battle Model Mila (Lv.35 Ribombee, Lv.36 Vespiqueen).
3 Get ether from behind the rock. Walk toward the tree on the right and pick up balm mushroom.
4 Move along and battle Cabbie Bruce (Lv.35 Corvisquire, Lv.36 Rufflet).
5 Proceed forward and shake the tree to get berries.
6 Get to route 8.

Route 8

1 Follow the path straight and make a right. Go down the ladder and battle Doctor Joanna (Lv.36 Roselia,  Lv.36 Hattrem).
2 Go up the ladder on the right. Go round on the path on the right and get the shiny stone.
3 Backtrack to the ladder and go down the stairs going west. Go up the ladder and turn left to find another ladder to climb. Go up and get TM96 Smart Strike.
4 Go down and take the east ladder to descend. Take hyper potion x3 before going up the ladder on the right.
5 Descend from the ladder on the right and walk to the ramp on the upper left. Drop down and get the luxury ball on the lower right ramp.
6 Continue west and catch the Falinks in its lair. From its location, go south to a small clearing to get pixie plate.
7 Move west again and get max revive in the small clearing at the edge of the map.
8 Go north and battle Backpacker Barbara (Lv.36 Dreepy, Lv.37 Vullaby). Go up the stairs and follow the path going right to get big nugget.
9 Go back down the stairs and head east to battle Musician Charles (Lv. 37 Togedemaru).
10 Head for the ladder and go down. Get king’s rock from the enclosure in the middle. You can also pick up the nugget in the upper right corner of the area.
11 Go up the stairs and the ladder to surface from the ruins of route 8. Turn left and follow the path to get TM43 Brick Break.
12 Backstack and battle Colleagues Alison (Lv.36 Hippodown, Lv.37 Perrserker) and Jordan (Lv.36 Excadrill, Lv.37 Lucario). Move east past the camping lass to get a terrain extender.
13 Proceed through the tunnel to go to the streamdrift way.
14 Follow the path and battle Police Officer Bobby (Lv.37 Arcanine, Lv.37 Boltund).
15 Enter Circhester.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Circhester

1 Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center.
2 Leave the pokemon center and walk along the street going north. Turn right and go down the stairs. You can pick up a snowball next to the snowman there.
3 Go back up the stairs again and continue north to the stadium. Pick up X Sp. Atk x2 in the leftmost corner of the stadium.
4 Enter the stadium and watch the cutscene. Talk to the ball guy to get a moon ball.
5 Talk to the gym challenge staff to begin the gym challenge.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Gordie

In Pokemon Sword, you must use a trap detector to guide yourself across the three obstacle courses and reach gym leader Gordie. Be prepared to face up to four trainers who use rock type pokemon. It is recommended to have grass, water, fighting, ground, and steel pokemon to defeat them and the gym leader Gordie.

Gordie Gym Challenge (Circhester) Guide

Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Melony


Pokemon Shield’s Circhester gym leader is Melony. She uses a Lv.40 Frostmoth, Lv.40 Galarian Darmanitan, Lv.41 Eiscue, and Lv.42 Lapras. Having fire, steel, electric, and rock type pokemon will give you an advantage during the battle.

Melony Gym Challenge (Circhester) Guide

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