Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Legendary Pokemon in Upcoming Expansion

New legendary Pokemon will be added in Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming expansion pass, a s revealed in Nintendo's latest Pokemon Direct event on January 9th, 2020.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Legendary Pokemon in Upcoming Expansion

New Legendary Pokemon

Nintendo’s latest Pokemon Direct event revealed a major expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield rolling out this year. The DLC will be released in two parts, the first called The Isle of Armor and the second named The Crown Tundra. A variety of new story events, characters, items, and Pokemon will be added to the base version of the game. This includes new legendary Pokemon Kubfu, Urshifu, and Calyrex.

The Isle of Armor expansion is set for launch in June while The Crown Tundra expansion will be released in Fall.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Kubfu

Kubfu is a new legendary fighting type Pokemon that will appear in the Isle of Armor DLC. As mentioned in the announcement video, players will obtain Kubfu by progressing through their training in the Isle of Armor’s dojo.

Kubfu is described as a pokemon that “strives to become stronger with single-minded dedication” and is central to Isle of Armor’s story. Its ability is Inner Focus.

Kubfu will evolve into the powerful Urshifu after the player completes their training at the dojo.


Urshifu is a pokemon with two distinct forms or “styles.” These are its single and rapid strike styles. Both of its forms possess the ability Unseen Fist.

Single Strike Style

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Urshifu Single Strike Form

Urshifu in this form is a fighting/dark type Pokemon. The style resembles the real-life martial art called Bajiquan known for its focus on powerful elbow and shoulder strikes.

According to the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website, Urshifu in single strike style features a more aggressive form of combat. This likely means that Urshifu’s arsenal of attacks in this style are meant to knock out opponents as quickly as possible.

Rapid Strike Style

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Urshifu Rapid Strike Form

In rapid strike style, Urshifu takes on a fighting/water typing. The form appears to be based on a particular style of wushu, likely the Fujian White Crane.

The official Pokemon Sword and Shield website describes Urshifu in rapid strike style as being evasive and reactive. The Pokemon is assumed to have many options to avoid, redirect, or counter incoming attacks to defeat opponents.

The choices that the player makes throughout The Isle of Armor’s story will determine whether Kabfu evolves in Urshifu in single strike or rapid strike style. The two forms are not tied to the game version being played.

Gigantamax Forms

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Urshifu Gigantamax

Single strike and rapid strike style Urshifu also have Gigantamax forms. Each style has a unique appearance and G-max move.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Calyrex

Calyrex is a psychic/grass type Pokemon that is found in The Crown Tundra DLC. It is said that Calyrex once ruled all of Galar in ancient times and moves with the grace and manner of nobility.

Calyrex high intelligence allows it to see the past, present, and future. Its ability is Unnerve.

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