Pokemon Sword and Shield - EV Training with Poke jobs

Details on ev training with Poke jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, use of poke jobs, and a list of the effort values earned.


Effort values are points that influence stats. After earning four effort values for a sat stat, it will increase by one point. The points don’t show up immediately when a Pokemon is at a low level. The points are reflected on the Pokemon’s summary screen after it is raised to level 100.

Poke jobs are postings given by people in the Galar region. Due to their similar role, Poke jobs are likely the spiritual successor to Poke pelago from previous games. You can check the current list of offers at the PC inside the Pokemon center.

Poke jobs

Use of Poke jobs

Having your Pokemon perform these part-time jobs rewards them with experience points or raise one of the six effort values. You can bring ten Pokemon to work at a certain task. Each task gives either experience of effort values. If you want to fill all the spots with Pokemon working at the same time, you can bring as many as 60 Pokemon.

Certain factors such as the Pokerus and Power items can also increase the amount of effort values received. Having both gives the highest number of effort values earned from the Poke job. For example, trainers who attach a power item but don’t have Pokerus can max out their Pokemon’s EV’s in one day. Whereas, trainers who can use both can cut the time spent by half. Below is a list of the amounts of effort values gained in every possible combination used.

List of Effort Values

Effort Values earned
Pokerus No Yes No Yes
Power Items No No Yes Yes
1 hour 4 8 12 24
2 hours 8 16 24 48
3 hours 12 24 36 72
4 hours 16 32 48 96
8 hours 32 64 96 192
12 hours 48 96 144 252
24 hours 96 192 252 252

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