Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 5 Hammerlocke

Walkthrough Part 5 Hammerlocke for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 5 - Hammerlocke

Walkthrough Part 5

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Large Leek x4 Check the sides of a huge rock at Giant’s Cap
TM14 Thunder Wave Finish Rotom Rally for the first time
Level Ball Man with a pokeball head near Hammerlocke’s Gym challenge entrance
Soothe Bell Lass inside the first house to the right in Hammerlocke
Dire Hit Edge of the castle wall
Heat Rock Gentleman in the building on the right side. Enter the middle door to reach his room.
Strawberry Sweet Right side of Hammerlocke, check corner of the curtain wall upstairs.
Rare Candy Check the dead end next to the brown door behind the pokeball sculpture.
Old Letter Talk to the litte girl Paula upstairs.
Wise Glasses The edge upstairs near Paula near a door.
Focus Sash Defeat Mr. Focus in battle. He lives in the house next to the Pokemon center.
TM29 Charm Hidden from view, go up the stairs and check the spot on the far right corner.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Garbodor East Lake Axewell
Liepard North Lake Miloch
Snorlax Motostoke Riverbank
Conkeldurr Motostoke Riverbank
Koffing Motostoke Riverbank
Sawk Motostoke Riverbank
Ribombee Bridge Field
Goldeen Bridge Field
Wobbuffet Bridge Field
Greedent Bridge Field
Bewear Bridge Field
Tranquill Stony Wilderness
Araquanid Stony Wilderness
Boldore Stony Wilderness
Gollisopod Stony Wilderness
Diggersby Stony Wilderness
Corviknight Stony Wilderness
Torkoal Stony Wilderness
Solrock Stony Wilderness
Klang Hammerlocke Hills
Machoke Hammerlocke Hills


East Lake Axewell

Pokemon Sword and Shield - East Lake Axewell

1 Watch the cutscenes
2 Head to the Pokemon center to get your party healed.
3 Hop on the bike and take the south exit to return to the Wild Area.
4 Take the left path to descend to the lake.
5 Check the den to receive some watts.
6 Continue down to North Lake Miloch.

North Lake Miloch

1 Turn left and cross the bridge to get to Motostoke Riverbank.

Motostoke Riverbank

1 Check the den on the right side to get watts.
2 Cross the tall grass past some brick walls.

Bridge Field

1 Head left and examine the den for watts.
2 Follow the side of the lake.
3 Search the den for more watts.
4 Continue north and head past a row of trees.

Stony Wilderness

1 Keep going north to reach some nearby grass patches.
2 Collect some watts from the den in between some grass.
3 Turn left and follow the trail.

Giant’s Cap

1 Make a right to find another den near patches of grass.
2 Scale the slope to reach the corner of a massive boulder and then check the spot for a Large Leek.
3 Go around the rock to collect more ingredients.
4 After you finish gathering some items, ascend the slope and examine the den on the edge of the cliff.
5 Follow the slope.

Hammerlocke Hills

1 Search the den that is near the edge of Hammerlocke.
2 Trace the fence to reach the dragon head sculpture’s orifice for a cutscene.
3 Beside the entrance to Hammerlocke, you can talk to the backpacker to purchase some ingredients.
4 You can also interact with the man standing next to the vendor to exchange your watts for some items or bike upgrades. You can also join the Rotom Rally Mini game to obtain a reward and earn more watts.
5 At this point, you may join some friends for max raid battles or battle some trainers.
6 When you’re ready, head to Hammerlocke

Hammerlocke – Exploration

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hammerlock Exploration

1 Head to the pokemon center to get your pokemon healed.
2 You can do a bit of exploring to collect some useful items, medicine, buy clothes, or get a haircut before you proceed with the story.
3 In the first house on the right, talk to the girl to get a Soothe Bell. The lady inside also evaluates your Pokemon’s effort values.
4 Search the edge of the castle wall for a Dire Hit.
5 Go around the right side and then enter the middle door and talk to the gentleman. When asked, say yes and he will give you a Heat Rock.
6 Talk to little girl Paula on the far right near the arched door to take a letter. She asks you to deliver the letter to someone named Frank in Ballonlea.
7 Check the far right edge between the building and the fence/rail to get a pair of Wise Glasses.
8 Enter the house next to the pokemon center and defeat Black Belt Brian. He will reward you with a Focus Sash.
9 You can browse the Boutique for some clothes in the left section of Hammerlocke. If you wish, you can also check out the hair salon beside it.
10 Continue left and then hunt for some Hyper Potions in the corner of the brick wall near the window.
11 Cross the drawbridge to reach a trainer hub. You can talk to the guy in the corner and he will ask you to offer a Toxel in exchange for his Togepi. Accept his offer if you wish. Another guy can be found near the drawbridge on the opposite end. This guy asks you to give him an Applin.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hammerlocke

1 When you’re done sightseeing, approach Bede to trigger a cutscene.
2 Ignore the NPC in front for now since you can’t take the Hammerlock Gym Challenge until you obtain seven badges.
3 Interact with the ball guy to get a free Level Ball.
4 From the entrance to Hammerlocke, make a left to trigger a cutscene.
5 Ride your bike and pedal across the drawbridge again to reach the arched doors for a cutscene.
6 When asked, say “I’m here to visit the vault.”
7 Enter the door on the left and go upstairs to open another door.
8 At the upper floor, go up the stairs, take a detour to the right corner, and pick up TM29 Charm.
9 Ascend the steps flanked by torchlit columns and enter the door.
10 Approach the center of the room filled with medieval tapestries to trigger a cutscene.
11 When asked, select the first option.
12 Exit the room with tapestries and return to the vault’s entrance for another cutscene.
13 Leave the vault and head to Stow-on-Side.
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