Pokemon Sword and Shield - Phoebus Champion Cup (Wyndon) Guide

Champion cup finals stage guide for Phoebus of Wyndon Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Phoebus Champion Cup (Wyndon) Guide

Guide for Wyndon Champion Cup Finals Stage (Phoebus)

The Wyndon Champion Cup is the pokemon league in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The trainer who wins the semifinals proceeds to the finals stage to face one of the Gym challengers.

Recommended Pokemon

Phoebus is one of the new Gym challengers that you can take on in the post-game version of the champion cup. Similar to Gym leader Kabu, Phoebus specializes with fire type Pokemon. If you’re struggling to put his team out, use ground type or rock type Pokemon. Your team should be around level 75.

Here are the suggested Pokemon to use against Phoebus’ team:

  • Ground: Flygon
  • Rock: Tyranitar
  • Water: Inteleon

Phoebus Finals Stage Battle

  • Torkoal (Lv. 56), Heatmor (Lv. 56), Rotom-Heat (Lv. 57), Chandelure (Lv. 57), Arcanine (Lv. 58)

Phoebus leads with Torkoal which summons the sun to decrease water type attacks. The best Pokemon to use against him are ground types. Flygon is a great choice since its levitate ability gives it immunity to Torkoal’s Earth Power, while its part ground typing helps it shrug off electric type attacks from his Rotom and Arcanine. It can also fight back with a powerful earthquake to knock Phoebus’ Pokemon one by one. Another solid choice is to use Tyranitar since it overwrites the weather with its sand stream ability. Having sandstorm gives Tyranitar a boost in special defense to complement its already high defense stat. Focus on raising your Pokemon’s attack or special attack to ensure that one hit knocks out Phoebus’ Torkoal. You can avoid getting your Pokemon burned if you can defeat it in one shot. When he’s about to send out Arcanine, you can switch out to bypass the intimidate debuff. Send it out again to take a resisted hit and unleash a strong ground type move.

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