Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arena of Valor World Cup Boot Camp Overview

An overview of the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) boot camp, which takes place in Thailand in June 2018 and consists of the teams who qualified from their respective regions to play at the AWC.

*Boot camp results on this article will be updated throughout the boot camp. The publication date will change with each update.

World Cup Boot Camp Teams

The Arena of Valor World Cup is coming July 27th, and all twelve teams are currently in Thailand to not only train for the big event, but to play in a series of matches to determine their seeding. The last time we reported on the AWC, we were still unsure of the last two teams to participate. Since then, we’ve learned that the South American representative is Pain Gaming, and the third wild card team is the Chinese team. That leaves us with the following 12 participating teams:

Taiwan – JTeam
Taiwan Wild Card – fan-selected team
Thailand – IT City Bacon
Thailand Wild Card – selected team
Korea – AHQ Olympus
Indonesia – EVOS
Vietnam – Saigon Phantoms
Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MSP) – Clutch Guild
South America – Pain Gaming
North America – Allegiance
Europe – For The Dream
Chinese Team (unknown selection process)

Ray Ning, Product Director of Arena of Valor Esports at Tencent, had the following to say about the boot camp:

The Arena of Valor World Cup 2018 Boot Camp held this year in Thailand aims to create the rare opportunity for players to understand their opponents and get used to the pressure of competition earlier. This will serve to efficiently increase the strength of all participating regions and improve the overall tournament viewer experience. Star players of AOV from all over the world will meet and embark on a journey they are sure to remember.

Tournament Schedule and Seeding Procedure

Teams play in the group stage from June 17-22, with the biggest games shown on the TaiwanThailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and MSP YouTube channels. The format for each match is a best-of-3 match with 3 bans per game.

The top eight teams from the group stage advance to a single-elimination tournament held from June 23-24. The quarterfinals remain best-of-3, with the semifinals and finals switching to a best-of-5 format.

The top four teams will be placed into separate groups at AWC, with their opponents coming from teams in the middle four and bottom four.

Group Stage Results

Day 1 Results

Day 1 VOD (All games on stream)

Team Score Team
Vietnam 1-2 Taiwan WC
Thailand WC 0-2 Korea
North America 1-2 China
Thailand 2-1 Taiwan
Indonesia 1-2 Europe
South America 2-1 MSP

Day 2 Results

Day 2 VOD (Streamed matches in bold)

Team Score Team
Europe 2-0 MSP
South America 0-2 Taiwan WC
Taiwan 2-0 Indonesia
China 1-2 Thailand
Korea 2-0 North America
Vietnam 1-2 Thailand WC
Thailand 2-0 Korea
Indonesia 0-2 China
Taiwan WC 0-2 Thailand WC
MSP 0-2 Taiwan
North America 1-2 Vietnam
South America 0-2 Europe

Day 3 Results

Day 3 VODs (Streamed matches in bold)

Team Score Team
Korea 2-0 Indonesia
Taiwan 2-0 South America
China 2-0 MSP
Vietnam 0-2 Thailand
Thailand WC 2-0 North America
Europe 0-2 Taiwan WC
Thailand 2-1 Thailand WC
South America 0-2 China
Europe 0-2 Taiwan
Indonesia 0-2 Vietnam
Taiwan WC 2-0 North America
MSP 0-2 Korea

Day 4 Results

Day 4 VODs (Streamed matches in bold)

Edit: I (DTwo) did an unofficial English broadcast over the Taiwanese broadcast, and received permission from Tencent to publish the video on YouTube. Here is my VOD)

Team Score Team
North America 0-2 Thailand
China 2-0 Europe
Korea 2-0 South America
Vietnam 2-0 MSP
Thailand WC 2-0 Indonesia
Taiwan 2-1 Taiwan WC
Taiwan 2-1 China
South America 0-2 Vietnam
MSP 0-2 Thailand WC
Taiwan WC 0-2 Thailand
Indonesia 0-2 North America
Europe 0-2 Korea

Day 5 Results

Day 5 VODs (Streamed matches in bold)


Team Score Team
North America 2-0 MSP
Korea 2-1 Taiwan
Vietnam 2-1 Europe
Thailand WC 2-0 South America
China 1-2 Taiwan WC
Thailand 2-0 Indonesia
Europe 0-2 Thailand WC
Taiwan WC 2-0 Indonesia
South America 0-2 North America
Taiwan 2-0 Vietnam
MSP 0-2 Thailand
China 0-2 Korea

Day 6 Results

Day 6 VODs (Streamed matches in bold)


Team Score Team
Thailand WC 0-2 Taiwan
Vietnam 1-2 China
Indonesia 2-0 MSP
Korea 2-0 Taiwan WC
North America 2-0 Europe
Thailand 2-0 South America
Taiwan WC 2-0 MSP
South America 0-2 Indonesia
Europe 0-2 Thailand
Korea 2-0 Vietnam
China 2-1 Thailand WC
Taiwan 2-0 North America

Final Group Stage Standings

Standing Team Current Points
1 Thailand 22
2 Korea 20
3 Taiwan 20
4 China 17
5 Thailand WC 16
6 Taiwan WC 15
7 Vietnam 13
8 North America 10
9 Europe 7
10 Indonesia 5
11 South America 2
12 Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines 1

Top-8 Single Elimination Tournament Results

Quarterfinals VOD

Semifinals and Finals VOD

AWC Boot Camp Top 8 Tournament
Korea (2 seed) 2 0 Vietnam (7)
Taiwan (3) 2 0 Taiwan WC (6)
China (4) 1 2 Thailand WC (5)
Thailand (1) 2 0 North America (8)
Korea (2) 0 3 Taiwan (3)
Thailand WC (5) 2 3 Thailand (1)
Thailand (1) 3 0 Taiwan (3)

Korea defeated Thailand WC 2-0 in the 3rd place match.

AWC Group Stage Draw

At the conclusion of the boot camp, the groups at the AWC were decided via a lottery, with each group comprised of one team from the top 4 at the boot camp, one team from the middle 4, and one team from the bottom 4. The draw results are as follows:

AWC Group Stage Draw Results
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Thailand Taiwan Korea Thailand WC
North America Vietnam Taiwan WC China
Philippines Indonesia Europe South America

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