Arena of Valor (AoV) - Clutch Guild and J Team Into AWC (Plus Fan-Voted Super Team)

Three more teams qualified for the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC), two by winning their regions, and one more through a Taiwanese fan vote.

Clutch Guild, J Team, and Fan-Voted Super Team Qualify for Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC)

Over the weekend, three more teams punched their ticket to the $550,000 Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) in Los Angeles, California, on July 16. Clutch Guild defeated all comers in the Malaysia-Singapore-Philippines (MSP) region, while J Team won the popular GCS, securing one Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macau spot. Finally, the day after the conclusion of the GCS, Taiwanese fans voted in another team to represent them at AWC. Taiwan earned the right to have two teams represent them at the AWC by virtue of SMG winning the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC).

Clutch Guild Clutches Their Way Through MSP

Valor Cup Season 1 Runners-Up Clutch Guild made it through a brutal 2-day slog, winning the Philippines championship before defeating Tamago from Singapore and Resurgence from Malaysia.

On Saturday, May 26, Clutch Guild fought past Wil New Era and Bren Esports to reach the Valor Cup Season 2 finals – a three-team bloodbath between teams from each country in the region. Sunday’s action saw Clutch Guild and Tamago finish in first and second place in the round robin, respectively, before Clutch Guild defeated Tamago in the finals, 4-2.

Clutch Guild Goes to Arena of Valor Wolrd Cup (AWC)

The tournament took place at the SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines, and featured multiple show matches between the main events. The 2-day spectacle was considered a successful collaboration between Garena and Globe, according to President of Garena Philippines Jan Frederic Chong:

In Garena, we are constantly working to elevate the ecosystem and shape the perception of
gaming among the community. Working with keen partners, like Globe, who share our vision helps
accelerate the process and provides a platform for youths to be recognised at the international
scene. Our success with the Valor Cups and Road to AWC has piqued the interest of industry
players attune to eSports and we look forward to scaling our efforts.

Clutch Guild Celebration

Clutch Guild will make their way to Thailand in the second week of June for “an exclusive bootcamp” with representatives from other AoV regions, before competing in the World Cup in July.

J Team Defeats SMG, Fans Choose Second Team

GCS Results

At the end of a grueling 14-week regular season, the GCS playoffs stood as follows:

Source: Garena Taiwan

Fan-favorites Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG) would have to win two matches to qualify for the AWC. Unfortunately for SMG supporters, however, they were defeated by #1 seeds J Team, 4-1, in a dominant finals performance by the latter squad over the weekend. J Team thus becomes the first team to represent Taiwan at the World Cup. Given the strength of the region, J Team has to be considered one of the favorites heading into the tournament.

Wild Card Team: Fan Vote

The wildcard team from Taiwan was determined the following day via fan vote:

From left: Sixth Man MS MG, Mid-lane ST Hualin, Dragon lane support ahq NT, Coach AA, Slayer lane HKA LuYao, Jungle ST XianYo, and Dragon lane damage MS 11

Though SMG’s Hanzo and Genji were initially top vote-getters, they were unable to attend AWC for personal reasons.

Current Qualified Teams

The following teams have now qualified for the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC): Clutch Guild from Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines, J Team from Taiwan, a fan-voted super team from Taiwan, Saigon Phantoms from Vietnam, IT City Bacon from Thailand, EVOS from Indonesia, and AHQ Olympus from South Korea.

The North American and European representatives will be determined via the Valor Series playoffs at E3 from June 12-14. Thailand’s second team (they received two spots by virtue of winning Throne of Glory (TOG)) will be chosen from members of the four semifinalists from its Road to AWC tournament, with no more than two members selected from the same team. The selection process for South America and the third wildcard spot are still unknown to Samurai Gamers.

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They choose Pain because the best team in the server was not able to go due to lack of money and documents, pain was the only team with enough resources to go and a reasonable name within e-sports