Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Catch Rotom

Details on how to catch Rotom in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, rotom locations, its forms, and how to get the Rotom Catalog.


Other than being a trainer’s traveling companion, Rotom is a rather peculiar electric and ghost type Pokemon that can hijack appliances. After possessing one of the known appliances, Rotom loses its ghost type and gains a new one. In addition, it learns an attack that shares its type with the one it gained.

Where to find Rotom

Lake of Outrage is a wild area that lies to the west of Hammerlocke’s south exit. The appearance of wild Rotom relies on the presence of certain weather. Check the map to see if there’s a thunderstorm at the location. You can do that by pressing the “+” button. On the overworld, a thunderstorm shows as rainfall and a surge of electricity in the area.

If there’s rainfall or a thunderstorm at the Lake of Outrage, there’s a two percent chance for wild Rotom to spawn in the overworld.

Changing Rotom

You can also change Rotom’s appearance after catching it. On your map, look for the path leading to Wyndon Stadium. Follow this path to find a group of houses and go inside the house with beige bricks. You can tell if it’s the correct house when you find a male League Staff member inside. Talk to him for a battle and defeat his team of Rotom. He has all three of the basic types, which your starter can knock out handily thanks to its type advantage. After winning, he’ll reward you with the Rotom Catalog.

Using the Rotom Catalog

The key item carries six appliances, five of which give Rotom a fresh look and come with their own signature. Below is a list of the appliances and their effects on Rotom. You can also use the Light Bulb to revert Rotom to its default form.

Device Type Name Move
Light bulb Electric, Ghost Rotom
Microwave oven Electric, Fire Heat Rotom Overheat
Washing machine Electric, Water Wash Rotom Hydro Pump
Lawn mower Electric, Grass Mow Rotom Leaf Storm
Refrigerator Electric, Ice Frost Rotom Blizzard
Electric fan Electric, Flying Fan Rotom Air Slash

Three of these forms have the same type as the starters and offer some cool combinations alongside other Pokemon when used in battle. The rest of these give other types which may also be a unique addition to your team.

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