Pokemon Sword and Shield - Ajani (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Post game battle tower guide for Ajani at Rose Tower in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon and their types.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Ajani (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Battle Tower Guide for Trainer Ajani

Recommended Pokemon

  • Electric: Boltund, Manectric, Jolteon, Raichu, Vikavolt, Toxtricity
  • Ice: Lapras, Weavile, Mr. Rime, Glaceon, Vanilluxe, Delibird, Mamoswine, Froslass, Glalie, Abomasnow, Cloyster, Beartic
  • Grass: Rillaboom, Eldegoss, Leafeon, Ludicolo, Tsareena, Vileplume, Ferrothorn, Shiftry, Roserade, Whimsicott

Trainer Ajani’s Pokemon

Here is a list of possible pokemon trainer Ajani will have when you face him. His team is predominantly flying, ground, and water type pokemon.

Pokemon Type Pokemon Type
Braviary Normal/Flying Ninjask Bug/Flying
Butterfree Bug/Flying Noctowl Normal/Flying
Charizard Fire/Flying Noivern Flying/Dragon
Claydol Ground/Psychic Pelipper Water/Flying
Corviknight Flying/Steel Quagsire Water/Ground
Cramorant Flying/Water Rhyperior Ground/Rock
Delibird Ice/Flying Rillaboom Grass
Diggersby Normal/Ground Rotom Electric/Flying
Dugtrio Ground Runerigus Ground/Ghost
Excadrill Ground/Steel Sandaconda Ground
Flygon Ground/Dragon Seismitoad Water/Ground
Gastrodon Water/Ground Sigilyph Psychic/Flying
Golurk Ground/Ghost Steelix Steel/Ground
Gyarados Water/Flying Stunfisk Ground/Steel
Hawlucha Fight/Flying Swoobat Psychic/Flying
Hippowdon Ground Togekiss Fairy/Flying
Mamoswine Ice/Ground Unfezant Normal/Flying
Mandibuzz Dark/Flying Vespiquen Bug/Flying
Mantine Water/Flying Whiscash Water/Ground
Mudsdale Ground Xatu Psychic/Flying

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