Pokemon Sword and Shield - Bea Gym Challenge (Stow-on-Side) Guide

Gym challenge guide for Bea of Stow-on-Side Gym in Pokemon Sword. This includes information about her gym mission, her trainers, and her pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Bea Gym Challenge (Stow-on-Side) Guide

Guide for Stow-on-Side Gym Challenge

The Stow-on-Side Gym is the fourth Galar gym to be visited by the player in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. In the Pokemon Sword version, its gym leader is Bea and she specializes in fighting-type pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon

  • Flying: Corvisquire/Corviknight, Woobat/Swoobat, Tranquil/Unfezant
  • Psychic: Hatena/Hattrem, Woobat/Swoobat, Espeon
  • Fairy: Milcery/Alcremie, Swirlix/Slurpuff, Sylveon
  • Electric (for Sirfetch’d): Yamper/Boltund, Toxel/Toxtricity, Electrike/Manectric, Pikachu/Raichu, Toxel/Toxtricity, Jolteon

Gym Mission

The gym mission requires you to get through the obstacle course while on the spinning cup. It is fairly straightforward. You can use the punching gloves positioned in the corners of the course to give you a boost in the direction you want to go.

Gym Trainers

The trainers in Stow-on-Side gym use fighting type pokemon. It is recommended to have flying, psychic, or fairy type pokemon on your team to easily defeat them.

  • Ian – Stufful (Lv.31) and Bewear (Lv.32)
  • Claire – Farfetch’d (Lv.32)
  • Simon – Hitmonlee (Lv.33 ) and Hitmonchan (Lv.33)

Gym Leader Bea

  • Hitmontop (Lv.34), Pangoro (Lv. 34), Sirfetch’d (Lv. 35), and Machamp (Lv. 36)

Bea’s pokemon will hit hard if your pokemon team is still at lower levels. Bring potions, super potions, and revives to survive the fight. Psychic or flying type pokemon will do well against her pokemon, though you will want to switch them out when her Pangoro enters the battle. Pangoro is a fighting/dark type pokemon which can deal effective damage against psychic types. Use a flying type pokemon to deal heavy damage to Bea’s Pangoro. When she releases a Sirfetch’d, we suggest using an electric type pokemon. Then switch that pokemon to a psychic or flying type pokemon.

Having a Corvisquire that can use drill peck will easily dispatch her pokemon. Save dynamaxing for her Machamp and take it out with Max Air Stream to win the battle easily.

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