Pokemon Sword and Shield - Finley (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Post game battle tower guide for Schoolboy Finley at Rose Tower in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon and their types.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Schoolboy Finley (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Battle Tower Guide for Trainer Schoolboy Finley

Recommended Pokemon

  • Ghost: Froslass, Golurk, Dusknoir, Gengar, Gourgeist, Chandelure, Shedninja
  • Electric: Boltund, Manectric, Jolteon, Raichu, Vikavolt, Toxtricity
  • Ice: Lapras, Weavile, Mr. Rime, Glaceon, Vanilluxe, Delibird, Mamoswine, Froslass, Glalie, Abomasnow, Cloyster, Beartic

Trainer Finley’s Pokemon

Here is a list of pokemon Finley could have when you face him. His team is predominantly psychic type and flying type pokemon mixed with fairy, ice, ghost, normal, poison, and grass types.

Pokemon Type Held Item Pokemon Type Held Item
Beheeyem Psychic Leftovers Mr. Rime Ice/Psychic Rocky Helmet
Bronzong Steel/Psychic Lum Berry Musharna Psychic Leftovers
Claydol Ground/Psychic Rocky Helmet Noctowl Normal/Flying Sitrus Berry
Cursola Ghost Leftovers Oranguru Normal/Psychic Assault Vest
Darmanitan Ice Eject Button Orbeetle Bug/Psychic Light Clay
Drampa Normal/Dragon Sitrus Berry Polteageist Ghost Leftovers
Espeon Psychic Petaya Berry Reuniclus Psychic Light Clay
Frosmoth Ice/Bug Binding Band Rillaboom Grass Assault Vest
Gallade Psychic Petaya Berry Roserade Grass/Poison Bright Powder
Gardevoir Psychic/Fairy Light Clay Sigilyph Psychic/Flying King’s Rock
Gengar Ghost/Poison Focus Sash Solrock Rock/Psychic Binding Band
Glaceon Ice Petaya Berry Swoobat Psychic/Flying Flame Orb
Gothitelle Psychic Razor Fang Togekiss Fairy/Flying Rocky Helmet
Hatterene Psychic/Fairy Bright Powder Wobbuffet Psychic Sitrus Berry
Lunatone Rock/Psychic Binding Band Xatu Psychic/Flying Focus Sash
Malamar Dark/Psychic Binding Band

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