Pokemon Sword and Shield - Graymond (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Post game battle tower guide for Hiker Graymond at Rose Tower in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon and their types.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Hiker Graymond (Battle Tower) Post Game Guide

Battle Tower Guide for Trainer Hiker Graymond

Recommended Pokemon

  • Fighting: Cinderace, Hawlucha, Sirfetch’d, Falinks, Conkeldurr, Machamp, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Pangoro, Gallarde, Bewear, Scrafty, Throh, Sawk, Lucario
  • Steel: Corviknight, Steelix, Copperajah, Klinklang, Perrserker, Ferrothorn, Excadrill, Bronzong, Escavalier, Lucario, Aegislash, Togedemaru
  • Grass: Rillaboom, Eldegoss, Leafeon, Ludicolo, Tsareena, Vileplume, Ferrothorn, Shiftry, Roserade, Whimsicott
  • Water: Inteleon, Drednaw, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Lapras, Seismitoad, Grapploct, Golisopod, Cursula, Cramorant, Toxapex

Trainer Graymond’s Pokemon

Here is a list of pokemon Graymond could have when you face him. His team is predominantly rock type, ground type,  and ice type pokemon mixed with water, ghost, steel, fire, psychic, and grass types.

Pokemon Type Held Item Pokemon Type Held Item
Abomasnow Grass/Ice Icy Rock Golurk Ground/Ghost Flame Orb
Abomasnow Grass/Ice Leftovers Hippowdon Ground Leftovers
Arctovish Water/Ice Icy Rock Hippowdon Ground Rocky Helmet
Arctovish Water/Ice King’s Rock Lunatone Rock/Psychic Light Clay
Arctozolt Electric/Ice Leftovers Lunatone Rock/Psychic Mental Herb
Arctozolt Electric/Ice Life Orb Mamoswine Ice/Ground Leftovers
Avalugg Ice Assault Vest Mamoswine Ice/Ground Lum Berry
Avalugg Ice Leftovers Mr. Rime Ice/Psychic Life Orb
Barbacle Rock/Water Rindo Berry Mr. Rime Ice/Psychic Terrain Extender
Barbacle Rock/Water Rocky Helmet Mudsdale Ground Zoom Lens
Beartic Ice Bright Powder Mudsdale Ground Rocky Helmet
Beartic Ice King’s Rock Quagsire Water/Ground Shell Bell
Claydol Ground/Psychic Room Service Quagsire Water/Ground Bright Powder
Claydol Ground/Psychic Weakness Policy Rhyperior Ground/Rock Passho Berry
Cloyster Water/Ice Expert Belt Rhyperior Ground/Rock Passho Berry
Cloyster Water/Ice Leftovers Rillaboom Grass Assault Vest
Coalossal Rock/Fire Assault Vest Rotom Electric/Ice Weakness Policy
Coalossal Rock/Fire Expert Belt Runerigus Ground/Ghost Leftovers
Crustle Bug/Rock Leftovers Runerigus Ground/Ghost Life Orb
Crustle Bug/Rock Scope Lens Sandaconda Ground Bright Powder
Delibird Ice/Flying Focus Sash Sandaconda Ground Grip Claw
Delibird Ice/Flying King’s Rock Seismitoad Water/Ground Big Root
Diggersby Normal/Ground Assault Vest Seismitoad Water/Ground Rindo Berry
Diggersby Normal/Ground Binding Band Shuckle Bug/Rock Bright Powder
Drednaw Water/Rock Leftovers Shuckle Bug/Rock Red Card
Drednaw Water/Rock Red Card Solrock Rock/Psychic Light Clay
Dugtrio Ground Bright Powder Solrock Rock/Psychic Mental Herb
Dugtrio Ground Focus Sash Steelix Steel/Ground Leftovers
Eiscue Ice Icy Rock Steelix Steel/Ground Quick Claw
Eiscue Ice King’s Rock Stonjourner Rock Choice Scarf
Excadrill Ground/Steel Focus Sash Stonjourner Rock Quick Claw
Excadrill Ground/Steel King’s Rock Stunfisk Ground/Steel Assault Vest
Flygon Ground/Dragon Choice Scarf Stunfisk Ground/Steel Grip Claw
Flygon Ground/Dragon Focus Sash Sudowoodo Rock Binding Band
Froslass Ice/Ghost Expert Belt Sudowoodo Rock Expert Belt
Froslass Ice/Ghost Salac Berry Torkoal Fire Bright Powder
Frosmoth Ice/Bug Icy Rock Torkoal Fire White Herb
Frosmoth Ice/Bug Occa Berry Tyranitar Rock/Dark Assault Vest
Gastrodon Water/Ground Quick Claw Vanilluxe Ice Icy Rock
Gastrodon Water/Ground Rindo Berry Vanilluxe Ice Zoom Lens
Gigalith Rock Eject Pack Weavile Dark/Ice Chople Berry
Gigalith Rock Quick Claw Weavile Dark/Ice Focus Sash
Glalie Ice Icy Rock Whiscash Water/Ground Damp Rock
Glalie Ice Leftovers Whiscash Water/Ground Rindo Berry
Golurk Ground/Ghost Expert Belt

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