Pokemon Sword and Shield - Opal Gym Challenge (Ballonlea) Guide

Gym challenge guide for Opal of Ballonlea Gym in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about her gym mission, her trainers, and her pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Opal Gym Challenge (Ballonlea) Guide

Guide for Ballonlea Gym Challenge

The Ballonlea Gym is the fifth Galar gym to be visited by the player in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Its gym leader is Opal and she specializes in fairy-type pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon

  • Fire: Cinderace, Flareon, Centiskorch
  • Steel: Corviknight, Excadrill, Purrserker, Klinklang
  • Poison: Toxtricity, Vileplume, Garbodor, Toxicroak

Gym Mission

Your task is to defeat some of the trainers to qualify for the final battle. From time to time, the trainers and Opal herself will ask a question. Get it right, and your Pokemon earns a buff. If you answer incorrectly, your pokemon will receive a debuff instead.

Ballonlea Gym Trainers

The recommended level for each of your Pokemon is 40, however, you can still enter the gym if your Pokemon are close to that. The trainers here use fairy type Pokemon which are weak against poison and steel types. While not necessarily weak to fire types, these Pokemon resist fairy type moves and can soak a couple of hits before going down.

  • Annette – Spritzee (Lv. 34) and Slurpuff (Lv. 34)
    • Quiz Answer: Steel type
  • Teresa – Swirlix (Lv.34) and Aromatisse (Lv.34)
    • Quiz Answer: Annette
  • Theodora – Morgrem (Lv.35)  and Gardevoir (Lv.35)
    • Quiz Answer: Omelets

Gym Leader Opal

  • Galarian Weezing (Lv. 36), Togekiss (Lv. 37), Mawile (Lv.36), Alcremie (Lv.38)
  • Quiz Answers: Wizard, Purple, and 16 years old

Opal excels in handling fairy type Pokemon so your best bet is to use steel, fire, and poison type Pokemon. Rookiedee or Drilbur offer a huge help against Opal’s team. Between the two, Excadrill, the evolution of Drilbur, stands out since it has access to ground moves that are strong against steel types. Other options include a well trained psychic type pokemon, a fire type, and a poison type. Having access to two of these gives you a great advantage since a large chunk of Opal’s team consists of dual type Pokemon. You can also use a fully evolved starter and teach it moves with high base power. Employ the same move after dynamax to transform it into a boosted max move and watch it shave off a hefty amount of Alcremie’s health.

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