Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokeball Plus Compatibility

The Pokeball Plus will allow players to take Pokemon found in the Galar region on walks. The Mew that comes with the device can also be transferred to the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Ball Plus

Pokeball Plus

Pokemon Sword and Shield will support Pokeball Plus functionality, though with slightly limited capabilities. This was confirmed in the Nintendo Direct event for E3 2019.

What is it?

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Ball Plus

Pokeball Plus is a special controller designed for the Pokemon: Let’s Go! games and Pokemon GO. One of its unique features is allowing the player to transfer their Pokemon from the games into the Pokeball Plus. Carrying the device when on a stroll allows the Pokemon to gain experience. The Pokeball Plus can be shaken, causing it to vibrate and play the Pokemon’s cry. This is to emulate the feeling that the Pokemon is inside.

In Sword and Shield

It has been confirmed that Pokeball Plus will be compatible with Pokemon Sword and Shield. Though it can no longer be used as a controller, it is possible to take Pokemon from the Galar region on walks. As stated in the Nintendo Direct for E3, something will happen “if you spend some time with a favorite Pokemon of yours.” There were no further details on this, though it is speculated that the Pokemon may learn new abilities or pick up special items while outside.

Getting Mew

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Ball Plus

Pokeball Plus comes with a special Mew which can be transferred to any of the Pokemon: Let’s Go! games. It was revealed in a tweet posted on the official Pokemon Twitter account that players can receive Mew in Sword and Shield as well.

While it is unnecessary to have a Nintendo Online paid subscription, an internet connection is required.

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