Pokemon Sword and Shield - Raihan Gym Challenge (Hammerlocke) Guide

Gym challenge guide for Raihan of Hammerlocke Gym in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his gym mission, his trainers, and his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Raihan Gym Challenge (Hammerlocke) Guide

Guide for Hammerlocke Gym Challenge

The Hammerlocke Gym is the eighth Galar gym to be visited by the player in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Its gym leader is Raihan and he specializes in dragon-type pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon

A team made up of one fairy, one fighting, and one steel type Pokemon should be enough to handle the gym trainers. By now, your Pokemon should be at least 50 and have learned moves with high base power.

  • Fairy: Gardevoir, Sylveon
  • Fighting: Conkeldurr, Machamp, Pangoro
  • Steel: Corviknight, Excadrill

Gym Mission

Unlike standard gym challenges, you’ll be pit against trainers in two on two matches.

Hammerlocke Gym Trainers

  • Gym Trainer Sebastian (Lv. 45 Pelipper, Lv. 45 Sliggoo)

The first match is fairly simple. Use a powerful move to knock each of the opponents out. An electric type move can make quick work of Pelipper before it gets a chance to set up a tailwind. Sliggoo doesn’t have the best defense, so use a fairy or ice type attack with high base power to finish it off.

  • Gym Trainer Camilla (Lv. 45 Turtonator, Lv. 45 Ninetales)

Focus on Ninetales in the first few turns. Not only is Ninetales going to annoy you with burns, but Turtonator might catch you in its trap if you attack it early. Rock and ground types are effective against fire types, so use them to your advantage. Otherwise, use strong fighting type moves and a burn heal if you have to. If you can knock out Ninetales, you may switch out one of your Pokemon with a water type and have it put Turtonator out with a strong water attack.

  • Gym Trainer Aria (Lv. 45 Abomasnow, Lv. 45 Hakamo-o)

Similar to your battle with Sebastian, you need to unload powerful attacks quickly. Use fire or fighting along with a fairy type move to knock out Abomasnow and Hakamo-o respectively.

Raihan Gym Challenge

  • Gym Leader Raihan (Lv. 47 Flygon, Lv. 46 Gigalith, Lv. 46 Sandaconda, Lv. 48 Duraludon)

The weather-themed gym wouldn’t be complete without a sandstorm team, which is Raihan’s specialty. The moment the match begins, his Gigalith whips up a vicious sandstorm which raises his party’s special defense. Similar to your battle with Aria, strike Flygon down with a fairy more, or better yet, use an ice type pokemon with a strong ice type attack. Meanwhile, have your fighting type pokemon use a powerful move, such as low sweep, on Gigalith. You may even opt to send out a Pokemon such as Gyarados to lower his Pokemon’s attack and switch it out every other turn to keep his attack under control. If you knock out one, he will send out Sandaconda in its place. This pokemon knows Glare and won’t hesitate to cripple yours with paralysis. Use a paralyz heal to remove it quickly and strike it again with an ice type attack.

His last pokemon is Duraludon, which resists fairy. Swap out your fairy type for another Pokemon with either fighting or ground type attacks. Activate dynamax on either your fighting or ground type Pokemon to keep up with Duraludon and unleash a max move of your own. Excadrill fares well against it with its strong ground moves and steel resistance. If it starts to steamroll, you can use some medicine and wait for its dynamax to wear off. When Duraludon reverts to its original form, launch a couple of powerful fighting or ground type attacks to claim the victory.

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