Pokemon Sword and Shield - The Galar Pokemon League

Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature key characters affiliated with the Galar region's Pokemon league. These include the league champion and the league committee.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon League

Pokemon League

The Galar region’s Pokemon league is the final destination for all trainers aspiring to be the best in the land. Crowds of fans are drawn to the excitement of intense Pokemon battles in the coliseum.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players will meet various characters affiliated with the Galar Pokemon league. As with the previous games in the series, they are expected to be deeply involved in the main story.

League Champion


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Leon

The current champion of the Galar Pokemon league and Hop’s brother. Leon is admired by all trainers in the region and is undefeated in Pokemon battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Leon

In the past, he was endorsed by league chairman Rose who saw his potential as a Pokemon trainer. Passionate and inspiring, players will have to take him on to claim the championship title.

League Committee

Chairman Rose

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Chairman Rose

The chairman of the Galar Pokemon league and president of a large corporation. Thanks to his leadership, Dynamaxing was implemented in Pokemon battles, which helped the league achieve worldwide fame. Chairman Rose also has a knack for recognizing talented trainers. This is evidenced by his first endorsement of Leon for the Gym Challenge.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Chairman Rose

Chairman Rose is also the president of a large corporation in the Galar region. He, however, entrusts much of the company’s day-to-day operations to vice president Oleana.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Oleana

Secretary to chairman Rose of the Galar Pokemon league. Oleana exhibits a calm and collected demeanor.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Oleana

She is the vice president of the large corporation lead by chairman Rose. Perhaps because of the chairman’s busy schedule, she is mostly the one handling the company’s operations.

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