Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 4 Motostoke

Walkthrough Part 4 Motostoke for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 4 Motostoke

Walkthrough Part 4

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
TM79 Retaliate After the cutscene with Professor Sonia
Shell Bell Edge of the docks.
Dusk Balls Right corner near Worker Francis
Grip Claw Left corner near Worker Yvonne
TM49 Sand Tomb Right corner near Rail Staff Vincent
Amulet Coin Behind the route sign outside the mines
TM38 Will-o-Wisp Defeat Gym Leader Kabu.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Scraggy Galar Mine No. 2
Shellos (East form) Galar Mine No. 2
Noibat Galar Mine No. 2
Wimpod Galar Mine No. 2
Galarian Stunfisk Galar Mine No. 2
Chewtle Galar Mine No. 2 (Fishing spot)
Barboach Galar Mine No. 2 (Fishing spot)
Drednaw Galar Mine No. 2
Noctowl Outside of the mines
Sudowoodo Outside of the mines
Hatenna Outside of the mines



1 Exit Gym Leader Nessa’s stadium for a cutscene.
2 Go down and head left around some fences and then enter the building on your right.
3 Walk up to Rose for another cutscene.
4 Go back outside and another cutscene will ensue.
5 Swing by the Pokemon center on the opposite side to heal your Pokemon.
6 Leave the Pokemon center and use your bicycle to go down the road to the right to reach a marketplace.
7 Here, you can purchase some incense and bitter medicine.
8 When you’re done browsing the shops, you can talk to the girl sitting on the far left bench for a trade.
9 If you have a Minccino, you can trade it to her for a Cottonee.
10 Before you hop on your bike again, head to the docks to find a Shell Bell.
11 Now you need to meet with Hop. Use the bike and head to the tunnel going right to reach Galar Mine No.2.

Galar Mine No. 2

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galar Mine #2 and Bede Pokemon Battle

1 Fight your way through the Pokemon and trainer infested mines. You can also capture a couple of Pokemon to add to your dex and gain some decent experience for the party.
2 Head past the pond to trigger a cutscene. When prompted, choose whichever option and a battle will commence.
3 Battle Pokemon Trainer Bede (Lv. 21 Solosis, Lv. 22 Gothita, Lv. 22 Galarian Ponyta, and Lv. 23 Hatenna).
4 After the cutscene, continue down the path and beat the Worker trainer (Lv. 21 Carkol) blocking the south path.
5 Collect the Dusk balls on the right edge near the big rock.
6 Go past some string lights and battle another Worker (Lv. 20 Roggenrola and Lv. 21 Timburr).
7 Move past the female worker and grab the Grip Claw on the left corner.
8 Follow the trail down and approach a pair of Team Yell grunts for a cutscene (Lv. 21 Thievul, Lv. 22 Galarian Linoone, Lv. 22 Liepard, Lv. 21 Pancham).
9 After defeating them, walk down to reach a fork. On your left is a dead end with a bag of soft sand on the ground. To the right is a Rail Staff trainer (Lv. 22 Drilbur and Lv. 23 Onix).
10 Head to the far right corner to obtain TM49 Sand Tomb.
11 Go down and follow the path for another cutscene. When prompted, select either option.

Outside of the Galar Mine #2

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Outside of the Galar Mine #2

1 After the cutscene, you will regain control outside of Galar Mine No. 2. Check behind the route sign for an Amulet Coin. You can have one of your Pokemon hold this to double your earnings when it joins a trainer battle.
2 You can walk up to the Madame (Lv. 22 Yamper and Lv. 24 Swoobat) for a battle.
3 Past her is a policeman (Lv. 23 Growlithe) that you can also battle for some pokedollars and experience.
4 Hop on your bike and cross the brick bridge. Here, you can collect some feathers on the floor. When you’re finished, cross the bridge to arrive at Motostoke city.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Motostoke

1 Follow the straight path left and ignore the first building you come across.
2 Enter the building with green neon sign for a cutscene.
3 Defeat Team Yell Marnie (Lv. 26 Morpeko).
4 Watch another cutscene.
5 Leave the building, and ride your bike. Cycle back to the right building for another cutscene.
6 Go inside to enter the Motostoke Stadium.
7 Interact with the gym challenge guy and tell him you’re ready to start the challenge.
8 Listen to the challenge rules.
9 Knock out or catch the wild Pokemon before the other trainer does.
10 Defeat Gym Leader Kabu to earn the Fire Badge.

Gym Challenge Strategy


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Kabu

In Kabu’s gym challenge, you don’t have to take on gym trainers in standard battles. To advance to the gym leader battle, the goal is to search for Pokemon in the tall grass and either catch them or make them faint. You can look around to find which spot has an active wild Pokemon and approach it for an encounter. The Pokemon are fire types and can be defeated with water, rock, or ground type attacks. Among the three starters, a well trained Drizzile can dispatch the wild Pokemon for a quick point. Repeat this process and you’ll be up against Kabu in no time at all. When facing Kabu’s pokemon, save your dynamaxed water, rock, or ground type for when he sends out Centiskorch.

Kabu Gym Challenge (Motostoke) Guide

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