Pokemon Sword and Shield - What are League Cards?

Pokemon Sword and Shield will allow players to create, customize, and exchange league cards with friends online.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

League Cards

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to introduce a variety of new and exciting Pokemon, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Among these is the league card shown in the UK: Camp Like Never Before official trailer. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15th, 2019.

What are League Cards?

Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

League cards display a player’s avatar and “detailed information about the trainer.” Players can receive league cards from non-player characters in the story and can trade them with other players online. Obtained cards are kept in the league card album.

League Card Maker

Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

League cards are created using the Rotom PC’s card maker service. Players will be able to customize their cards in a number of ways.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

The background, effects, and frame can be changed according to the player’s preferences. Eight frame designs can be selected when creating a card.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

Players can choose from a variety of different facial expressions for their character. 20 different expressions were available in the trailer.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

The player character’s pose is also customizable. Any of the 11 poses shown in the trailer can be used on the card.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

The the card photo’s orientation can be adjusted as well. Players can zoom in or out, move, and rotate their character’s image.

Other Information

Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

The league card photo is displayed when players engage in link battles. The photo displays each player’s name and the number of Pokemon they are carrying. The game version a player is using can be seen on the upper left of the card photo.

Yellow stars are above the players’ names. No details were given about them, though they could have something to do with the player’s performance in link battles. There were, however, no stars above Hop or league champion Leon’s names. This could mean that stars are limited to online interactions, as both Hop and Leon are non-player characters.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - League Cards

A number in the lower-left corner of the photo can also be seen. This is assumed to be the player’s rank, as Leon’s card displays the number 1.

Dates are displayed next to a non-player character or player’s name when browsing the league card album. These are likely the dates the cards were received.

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  1. The stars on the card must not having anything to do with link battles, as I haven’t done any but have 3 stars. I wonder if it’s related to Dynamax battles? I’ve done 4-star battles, but I believe the highest star level where I’ve caught the Pokémon was in a 3 star battle.